Hi from the USA!

Well, hello there from San Diego!  I have not had internet access since we arrived and am now snatching a few minutes on a friend’s PC so don’t get your hopes up…  But I just wanted to let you all know that I’m having a ball and I love California!  So far we have:
–    promenaded up and down Venice Beach in LA checking out the passing parade
–    seen Hollywood, the Walk of Fame stars and Graumann’s Chinese Theatre handprints
–    Been to Rodeo Drive
–    strolled along the beach at Santa Monica and watched the sunset
–    seen the Getty museum in LA
–    eaten a corn dog, pulled pork, quesadillas, fried clams and  fab salmon Caesar salad (the last 2 at the fab Tony P’s in Marina del Rey)
–    breakfasted at Las Brisas in Laguna beach with its fab buffet and phenomenal view
–    shopped up a storm at an outlet mall in Carlsbad
–    visited San Diego Old Town and the San Diego Zoo
–    eaten real Mexican burritos in a restaurant full of Mexicans
–    spent the afternoon wandering around Coronado island in San Diego
–    and most recently, cooked a roast lamb dinner with provisions bought from Trader Joe’s (my first visit!)

And we’ve only been here 5 days!!!

Tomorrow it’s off to Las Vegas in our soft-top Chrysler PT Cruiser.  Road trip! Road trip!!

Anyway, just thought I’d keep you all in the loop.  Will post again when I can!

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  1. St Claire Adriaan says

    Well, it is just awesome having you here in San Diego, and the roast lamb, roast patatos, vegetables in season meal was to die for. Vinnie and I had a feast. It was great having you here. We could not have had a better South African meal in PE or George with the family. Please can we keep you. Enjoy Vegas!

  2. says

    Aaaaah! So my host is downstairs checking out my blog as I post!! Talk about live blogging… Thanks St Claire for your fab hospitality, your great bedroom and for taking me to Trader Joe’s!! We will definitely be back… :-)

  3. says

    In only five days you have seen so many highlights!! Good for you.
    Can’t wait to hear what you do, see and think of Vegas.
    I live right across the street from a Trader Joe’s and always find it a fun store to visit. And free coffee and whatever they are demonstrating, usually end up buying the demo product.
    Have fun.

  4. says

    Go to Lotus of Siam in Las Vegas. Fantastic Thai food–try the whole catfish, and the Nam Kao Tod (puffed rice with sausage and spices). Don’t do the buffet lunch: order off the menu.
    Breakfast at Bouchon is really nice. The best buffet is not Bellagio but Paris (in my opinion).
    Also, everything I’ve heard about Rosemary’s leads me to believe it would be my first choice, if I had only one, for a single dinner. But I am very into the seasonal menu thing, in general.
    Have fun! Viva Las Vegas!

  5. Ches says

    You absolutely have to go to Hash House A Go Go for breakfast (EoMEoTE style!). It is the most wonderful breakfast experience on the planet; much better than the trendiest brunch restaurant on Old Compton Street. They have a long line on a Sunday morning, but they serve coffee to you while you wait on their steps. http://entertainment.signonsandiego.com/profile/168315
    Also, you have to go into Mexico. If you go past Tijuana and on to Roserito, there’s a quaint hotel there decorated with parts of the Titanic set, because the film was partly shot there. For $9.99, I had half a lobster, a salad and dessert and a margarita. The Mariachi band cost extra to get rid of though!

  6. says

    Sound like you have a wonderful trip – hope it will go on like that – and I will be eager to read your detailed posts about your stay ! Take care, angelika

  7. says

    Hi Andrew,
    Nope… Sorry to disappoint, but no rain. The only rain we had was at the Grand Canyon – not much good for dramatic sunrise pictures!! :-(
    Hi Stephanie,
    Oh man, we had SUCH a blast! Las Vegas was my fave place along with Venice Beach/Santa Monica in LA. Vegas is just so crazy – it’s like a theme park built to look like a functioning city 😛 Saw the Blue Man Group which was fab and fell totally in love with the Bellagio fountains. Siiiigh.
    Hi Millie,
    Great to hear from you! I must say, we really did pack in the sights, didn’t we! I just loved everything about California – and the weather and the plants reminded me sooooo much of home. Bougainvilleas, birds of paradise, lantanas, plectranthus etc etc And Vegas was such a hoot! You think it is going to be seedy or tacky or whatever, and then you get there and it is a bit tacky I guess, but in the most impressive way. I was just amazed at the sheer size of the hotels and their amazing decor. I think New York, New York was my favourite exterior, but I did love the Bellagio’s interior. And for sheer campness, it’s hard to beat the Flamingo’s logo and exuberant pink neon!!
    Hi Tana,
    Damn!! I wish we’d had internet access in Vegas – then I would have tried your suggestions! We did have the buffet at the Flamingo (mainly because that was where we stayed and it was convenient), but I would have loved to try your other buffet recommendations. I found the food on the strip to be generally either hideously overpriced or very uninspiring. So your suggestions could really have come in handy. Thanks – will save your tips for next time 😉
    Hi Sal,
    It was sooooo great to see you – you haven’t changed at all!! And we just went back into our world of in-jokes as if we had never been apart!! Thanks for coming to our “wedding” ceremony and taking soooo many photos! Good to meet your “bokkie” too 😉
    Hi Spicey,
    Aaah, can’t leave my blog fo too long – I get withdrawal symptoms!! Did my poscard ever arrive??
    Hi Ches,
    Nooooo, more suggestions that I couldn’t use!! I would dearly have loved to try the Hash House a GoGo, purely for that name!! And the Mexican meal sounds awesome – we will definitely be returning to San Diego, so next time…!
    Hi Sam,
    Too little time, too much to do, noooooooo…. Hey, who knows, we may have passed in the street and never known it 😉 Lookign forward to meeting you this weekend though!
    Hi Angelika,
    Oh, I had such a ball! I just want to go back… Took heaps and heaps of notes with a view to writing up detailed posts – now I just have to find the time to WRITE!