End of Month Egg on Toast Extravaganza #2


Eomeote2Well, folks, the most laid back food-blogging event on the Web is back.  We set no dates.  We set almost no parameters.  We do not judge. We do the roundup as and when time permits.  Yup, it’s the EoMEoTE#2!  This event was conceived when Anthony at Man That Cooks and I were trying to outdo each other in the “weird web food events” stakes and he then started the ball rolling with the EoMEoTE#1.  Participation was limited as Reid at Onokinegrindz ate his contribution before he had a chance to photograph it, but Cooksister participated with this rather indulgent scrambled egg, smoked salmon and spinach concoction.

Now, many tides have come and gone, the moon has waxed and waned, salaries have been paid in and spent, resolutions once new have now been broken, and the end of the month has come (and gone!) again.  So logically, that means it’s time for EoMEoTE#2!  Due to my excessive procrastination (and a lack of ingredients last weekend!), my contribution only saw the light of day this morning, so I missed Anthony’s original roundup of EoMEoTE#2.  But I’m hoping that if I ask really nicely and promise to host EoMEoTE#3, he might include me as a stop-the-presses, hold-the-front-page, last-minute kind of entry…

So what did I make?  Well, the original recipe that I found called for hard-boiled eggs to be sliced on toasted English muffins, but I made some strategic alterations and what you see above is a fried egg on wholewheat toast, surrounded by sherried mushrooms and sprinkled with chilli flakes (for the egg) and fresh parsley and chives (for the mushrooms).  And let me assure you it tastes as good as it looks – highly, highly recommended!  I’m enjoying these adventures the henhouse…  Bring on EoMEoTE#3!


Wash and slice two handfuls of mushrooms (I used chestnut, but I guess you could use whatever takes your fancy.  We try not to be fungus-specific or prescriptive here at EoMEoTE). Crush 2 cloves of garlic – less if you aren’t out to hunt vampires.  Sautee the garlic in olive oil till soft, then add the mushrooms together with a little salt, pepper and rosemary.  Sautee until just soft, then stir in about a tablespoon of flour – just enough to soak up the moisture.  Then stir in single cream and a tablespoon of sherry to make a creamy sauce – vary the amount of cream depending on how saucy you want the mushrooms to be (less cream for more demure mushrooms).

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  1. says

    I look forward to it!! I’ll maintain your tradition of setting no date and surprising everyone with the roundup… 😉
    Glad you could join us – the more the merrier (and eggier). Look forward to seeing you again next month.
    Awww, blush, blush – thanks! Hope you are feeling better & will be raring to go for next month’s event. Remember, we here at EoMEoTE don’t judge you on the quality (or even existence) of your picture – just showing up wins you points in our book!

  2. says

    Hi Andrew!
    Of course you are more than welcome to join in! In fact, bring a few friends!! I’ve just put up the announcement of the EoMEoTE#3 and I think you’ll see we aren’t big on rules – more like free expression using eggs & bread… I’ll probably be making my contribution over the weekend & there will be a roundup sometime later next week. Look forward to seeing your contribution!