Feta, sage & Peppadew scones

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  Hands up – who likes a good haiku? I certainly do – and here’s one I made earlier          My reflection grows     Older with each passing year     But never wiser   What is it with wisdom?  Why is it so damn elusive?  I was talking to a dear friend’s 18-year old daughter the other day, […]

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Roasted butternut and sage risotto

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Earlier this year at the start of summer, I bought a bunch of packets of herb seeds.  I planted them in teensy pots and waited for them to sprout.  Some sprouted almost immediately, others took a little longer, and one bunch did not sprout at all.  I had three little baby plants in one pot […]

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I’m back – with roasted cauliflower and chorizo soup!

March 11, 2009

Well, I’m back! And here’s a brief scorecard as a teaser for a longer post on our glorious skiing holiday: Planes missed – none Bags lost by airline – one (not mine – phew! And they did later find it.) Evenings spent sipping champagne in the hot tub – 6 Ski school classes completed – […]

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Broad bean, bacon and mushroom pasta

August 16, 2008

Immigration is a hot topic in the UK these days.  It seems every person that you talk to thinks it’s a problem, but nobody seems to know quite what to do about it.  The world and its dog appears to be falling over themselves to get here – antipodean youngsters on their 2-year youth visas; Eastern Europeans from […]

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Scenes from a braai I – pork fillet stuffed with pear and sage

September 6, 2006

So as I mentioned, a couple of weeks ago we managed to attend three braais in as many days and each of these featured at least one great recipe.  The first of the three took place after work on the Friday night at chez nous – I have already posted here about the fabulous cherry […]

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