Quick pork chops with a tomato, chorizo & olive relish

Thumbnail image for Quick pork chops with a tomato, chorizo & olive relish September 26, 2012

There are some food-related questions that are always really easy to answer – things like “wine or beer?” (wine); “plain or salted?” (salted); with or “without whipped cream?” (with!); or “chocolate or vanilla?” (chocolate, always chocolate!). But then there are a couple of foodie questions that I am regularly asked that make my throat close up and my palms become sweaty. Questions for which people somehow expect me to have a ready, rehearsed answer. Questions that make everyone in the room turn to me expectantly, awaiting an answer upon which I suspect my credibility as a food blogger depends.

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Olive & onion tartlets

Thumbnail image for Olive & onion tartlets March 25, 2011

  Bittersweet.  I think that’s probably the first oxymoron I learnt at school and I remember thinking that the name oxymoron was entirely apt.  What kind of moron would describe something as both bitter and sweet at the same time (ah, the logic of the teenager!).  It’s only later in life that you begin to […]

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Whole leg of lamb on the braai/BBQ

Thumbnail image for Whole leg of lamb on the braai/BBQ July 19, 2010

People often ask me who my favourite chef or cookbook writer is, and I never hesitate to answer Nigel Slater.  His Kitchen Diaries transformed the way I thought about cookbooks – here for the first time was somebody who cooked exactly the way I aspired to – and took aspirational photos to boot!  I love […]

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Pizza fish – fun for the whole family

February 6, 2009

It is a truth universally acknowledged that most children have a highly skeptical opinion of the value of eating vegetables. Everyone I know has a story about hiding their peas under their chicken bones to avoid eating them; or scooping pumpkin onto their sibling’s plate when said sibling wasn’t looking; or surreptitiously passing vegetables to their pet […]

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Zucchini, peppadew and feta bread

November 2, 2008

Question: what does a self-confessed non-baker bake when she’s required to bake bread for a worthy cause? Answer:  something quick, nutritious, and delicious that reminds her a little of home.  And did I mention quick? Now most traditional leavened breads use yeast as a rising agent, and my problem with yeast is that it takes time.  Time […]

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