Braai, the Beloved Country 2011

BraaiTheBelovedCountry2011 © J Horak-Druiff 2013


Sadly, I can’t invite ALL of you over to my house for a braai, but I can invite you to join me in celebrating South Africa’s National Braai Day again this year on 24 September with my annual braai/BBQ event Braai, the Beloved Country.  For some inspiration on the kinds of things you might make, click here for last year’s roundup.

I would once again love for you to share your favourite braai or BBQ recipes with me – it can be meat, fish, vegetables, breads, stews – in fact anything that you can cook over an outdoor fire or grill, South African inspired or not.  Then shortly after 24 September, I will post a round-up of all the recipes in a big celebration of summery outdoor cooking.  And as it’s an annual event, I will even let you submit favourite recipes you have posted previously in 2011 – as long as you repost them as a new post between now and the 23 September 25 September deadline.

So let’s fire up the grill and have a look at the rules:

1. Post a braai/barbecue recipe between now and 25 September.  Your choice of recipes is really broad – meat, chicken, fish, vegetables, breads – as long as you cooked it over coals or an outdoor grill.

2. You must link to this announcement in your post.

3.  Multiple recipes and recipes submitted to other events are permitted.

4.  Recipes from your 2011 archives can be accepted but you MUST re-post them in a new post dated between 22 August and 25 September 2011, and link to this announcement.

5.  Use of the Braai, the Beloved Country logo above is optional but would be nice.  Ask me if you want code for a badge in your sidebar.

6.  A photo is preferred, but not essential.

7.  Send me an e-mail (emailcooksister AT gmail DOT com) with BRAAI in the subject line and containing: your name; your blog name; the recipe title; and the URL of the post that the recipe appeared in.  Attach a photo if you can.

I will post a roundup of all the recipes shortly after National Braai Day on 24 September.