EoMEoTE#13 – Back to the nursery: the round-up

It’s been a long time coming, but here, at last is the roundup of the nursery edition of EoMEoTE#13.  There were trips to our own childhood, memories of things cooked for our children and a whole Mother Goose worth of rhymes (shaken and scrambled, but nursery rhymes nonetheless!!).  Thanks to all of you who took part and if eggy poetry is your thing, read on!

Little Cooksister sat at her keyboard

Typing her blog night and day.

The calendar beckoned:

It was time, she reckoned,

To invite fellow bloggers to play…


Little Miss Emma had a dilemma:

Her house had too many eggs.

Then along came a plan

Using bread and a pan –

Soon all that’s left are the dregs!


Our dear friend Sam came up with a plan

To make some oeufs en cocotte

With breadcrumbs and cream,

It’s a nursery dream!

Did she like what she made?  Quite a lot!


Miss Tokyotoast likes pudding the most

But can’t face dessert in the morning.

So traditional fare

Gets a tweak here and there…

Over savoury bread pudding I’m fawning!


Miss Sarah-Lou knows just what to do

With leftover bird and berry.

You’ll know, at least,

That Boxing Day’s a feast:

All you need for a Christmas most merry!


Little Miss J was somewhat dismayed:

Her roommates had no eggs between ’em.

But with eggnog instead

She creates boozy bread:

Plates are licked so there’s no need to clean ’em!


Ms Christine is a cook who knows where to look

When it’s comfort her boys are a-needing.

They say "Eggies please!"

And soon she sees

It’s not comfort they need, only feeding!


Little Miss Lizzy is feeling quite dizzy

Her nursery egg memories are bad:

Chocolate milk with raw egg??

Are you pulling my leg?!

Oh, what a childhood you had!! ūüėČ


Sarah has turkey – in the fridge it did lurk-ey

While her other ingredients she picked.

Poached eggs with some gravy??

What is it?  Just maybe…

It’s turkey-and-eggs Benedict!


Young Master Andy is really quite handy:

Baking loaves for him holds no dread.

Whether he bakes or buys

He just can’t disguise:

He adores scrambled eggs on brown bread!


The Heffalump’s wish is ingredients for her dish

So it’s off to market she goes.

There’s a fab brunch dish

What more could you wish?

You’re well-fed from your head to your toes.


Our Sister the Cook had a quick look

In her memory for nursery fare.

Our charming host

Makes soldiers of toast

And if the yolk’s a bit runny – who cares!


The Passionate Cook took a long hard look

At what she could make from her home.

She didn’t go to bed:

She made pudding instead,

And even concocted a poem!


And so, my friends, the story ends;

No more scramble, souffle or flan.

I think it’s best

That the eggs take a rest –

But they’re back at the end of Jan!!

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  1. says

    Great roundup, Jeanne, as usual!
    And I’m not pulling your leg – I urge everyone NOT to try chocolate milk with an egg whisked into it. Brrrrrr.

  2. says

    Hi Elizabeth
    [shudder] Erm, no, I don’t think I’ll be trying it any time soon!! So how many years of culinary therapy did it take to get over the raw-egg-choclate-milk trauma? ūüėČ
    Hi Johanna
    Ooops – my apologies!! But I have now included you, as you see. And I for one think your rhyme rocks!!
    Hi Sarah-Lou, Sarah, Melissa, Christice, Emma and Heff (may I call you Heff??!)
    Thanks to all of you who played along this month and thanks to everyone for their compliments! I really enjoyed doing the rhymes as always and I am already thinking of a suitable theme for Jan. See you then!

  3. says

    I’m afraid that I still can’t abide eggs unless they are very well done – or hidden in cakes and cookies. And my sister can’t stand any kind of cooked eggs unless they are in cakes and cookies – she won’t even eat mayonnaise.
    Mostly, I can manage not to make a face if egg yolks are on the runny side but once in France, we were served the snottiest truffle omelette. I’m sure it was oh so correct but I just thought what a waste of good truffles!