I’m back – and here’s my scorecard



Days away from home – 16

Beds slept in – 4

Cities/towns stayed in – 3

Show-stopper meals – 2

Family and friends visited – 30 (give or take!)

Restaurants visited – 15

Anniversaries celebrated – 1

Power cuts – 0!

Boat trips – 2

Walks on the beach – 7

Nephews played with – 2

Hours spent blogging – 0.5

South African food bloggers met – 2

Blog posts I owe my readers – countless!

(Thanks to Charlotte for inspiring the format of this post)

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  1. says

    Welcome back, it sounds like a great score for the rest of your holiday, I hope you’re feeling rested after a dose of SA summer. I’m so glad we fitted in lunch – it seems ages ago already! I’m still meaning to write up our lunch for my blog, but I’ve hardly had any clear head space recently – but I have to get my pic of the cheese board up at least!

  2. herschelian says

    Zero power cuts? you were lucky. I had to spend 2×2 days in Joburg over the last month, and the “load shedding” was causing massive hassles. I nearly missed a flight down to CT because all the robots in one area were out, resulting in gridlock.
    I just kept telling myself TIA. The meals I had were fantastic and I came back with loads of recipes. There is nothing like a 40yr matric reunion to make you feel young again!

  3. Sarah Pipilini says

    Best friends intentionally avoided-1
    I await your explanation!!!!!!
    Remember, it’s not what you know, or, Who you know, BUT it’s what you know about who…
    She…is not amused.

  4. says

    That’s what holidays are supposed to be like – hope you had a wonderful time. And I want to sit on that beach with that glass of bubbly (and I hope the bottle is somewhere close by)

  5. says

    Welcome back! I must say I find it remarkable that you spent even .5 minutes blogging! Sounds like it was a great trip

  6. says

    Deeply jealous of that peaceful moment gazing out to sea. Hope you came back refreshed. I’m quite impressed by the lack of powercuts and the low blogging time!!! Less so with the number of meals and the VERY low percentage of showstoppers! Hope the rest were still pretty good and not just disappointing or average. Can’t wait to hear all about them.

  7. Craig says

    you are very lucky
    just returned from 14 days in SA
    Cape town – 5 days – 12 powercuts , 3 bag snatchings and 4 assualts seen.
    JHB – 4 days – 18 powercuts , 2 hijackings , 3 assualts and a dischem hold up whilst i was in the shop.
    Durban 3 days – 10 powercuts , no violance but a lot of groups protesting about the lack of promises being made and not met.
    Might need to stay away another 5 yrs or longer to see which criminal will be elected as president.