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Waiter, there’s something in my… pulses!

And no, I haven’t confused a waiter with a nurse or a kitchen with a consulting room.  This kind of pulse has nothing to do with be still my beating heart… 

No, this is an entirely different kettle of fish (or chickpeas, as the case may be).  A month has flown by since Andrew’ seasonal salad edition of the ever-popular Waiter, There’s Something in my… event, and now it’s my turn to host again.  It’s a bit of a weird time of year here in England – you kind of think we’ve had enough winter now and summer is just around the corner.  But then the entire country is battered by such vicious storms that it feels as if winter has returned.  So I couldn’t entirely go with a winter theme, nor could I in all honesty say I felt summery. 

But pulses (or legumes, if yuo will)are your friends, rain, wind or shine.  Think beans, lentils and chickpeas.  Think warming casseroles and colourful salads. In fact, there’s no weather that’s the wrong weather for pulses.

The rules are simple:

1. Write up your legume recipe and please link back to this announcement in your post. Please note that it MUST be a new post featuring your dish – I will not accept a link to a post you had already put up before this announcement was made – and the post must not be entered into another event as well (photography events like DMBLGiT excluded).

2.  E-mail me.  Please make sure that Waiter there’s something in my features in the subject line.

3. In the e-mail please include:

4.  The deadline for entries is Friday 28 March and I hope to have the roundup posted early the following week.

So let’s see if you all have your fingers on the pulse!