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Wholewheat quick bread with olives, feta, spring onions and za’atar

Thumbnail image for Wholewheat quick bread with olives, feta, spring onions and za’atar August 9, 2011

  It’s funny how we tend to define ourselves and out habits in absolute terms, even though anybody observing our habits from the outside would conclude that things are not nearly as absolute as we suggest.  I will tell you at the drop of a hat that I hate sport, period.  Doing it, watching it […]

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Cheezas for my cheesy friends

May 11, 2010

Age is a funny thing.  You don’t feel old, you may not look old, but every now and then you have a flash of realisation that the world has changed so much since you were a kid that you must, to some extent, be old.  Or at least older than some people!  I look at […]

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Sweet chilli, ginger and spring onion mahi-mahi parcels

August 8, 2008

Opposites attract, so they say.  And I do think that this time “they” may be on to something.  How else could you explain the enduring attraction of men to women and vice versa?  It certainly isn’t because they share sooooo many similarities – biped, air-breathing mammal is about as far as the similarities go! I […]

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Birthday Part I – feta-filled chicken breasts

April 13, 2006

After my Christmas cookie blast-from-the past post, I thought it fitting to do something a little more recent – my birthday lunch a couple of weeks ago at home!  Yes, sadly the Cooksister is another year older, although I have decided to follow in the footsteps of Johanna‘s grandmother who reached her mid-sixties and then […]

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Seared tuna with a red pepper & clementine salsa – and dining out in Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth

February 12, 2005

 Damn my procrastination problem, damn it to hell!!  Who else do you know who spent a week in South African in June  (June, people!) and by the end of the year had still not got round to writing it up for her blog?  Well, no prizes for guessing.  And now I have a week’s worth […]

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