Cool, crispy carrot and coriander salad

August 7, 2008

OK, will this little island that I live on please make up its mind as to what the weather is going to be doing?? After a pretty chilly and rainy start to the week, yesterday was just mad.  I left for work under cool, cloudy skies, clutching my cardigan and my umbrella.  I came outside […]

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Beef in Guinness stew

Thumbnail image for Beef in Guinness stew March 22, 2006

I was trawling through some of my old posts the other day and stumbled upon my Lancashire hotpot recipe, originally intended to be the first in a series of British dishes.  But, as you do, I got somewhat distracted and of course Part I was as far as we got.  At the time of writing, […]

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Roast gammon for Christmas

Thumbnail image for Roast gammon for Christmas January 11, 2006

  Well, it seems Christmas has come and gone and (shockingly, yet unsurprisingly) I have not yet blogged about our meal for Christmas 2005… or 2004.  And now that I’m way late for both of them, it seems rather irrelevant when I actually get round to it!! In fact, maybe that’s a plan – we’ll […]

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Traditional English food#1 – Lancashire Hotpot

May 6, 2005

Here at the tail-end of the English winter I am suddenly having cravings for casseroles and stews – warm, nourishing comfort foods that fragrance the entire house while they simmer away on the stove or in the oven.  I’m not sure if the sudden craving stems from the knowledge that I won’t feel like them […]

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