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Saturday Snapshots #68

December 12, 2009

Rockefeller Plaza skater - New York City, 2006 Although I'm currently basking in the sun, I know that many of my northern hemisphere readers are in the depths of winter – and I'm keenly aware that I will be back with them in winter wonderland (or seasonal affective disorder!!) by Christmas.  So today we are back to […]

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Saturday Snapshots #66

November 28, 2009

Tribune Tower, Chicago - October 2008 One of the most iconic buildings in Chicago is the famous Tribune Tower.  Completed in 1925, it houses the Chicago Tribune newspaper as well as WGN Radio which broadcasts from a studio with windows onto the street so that you can watch broadcasts.  In 1922, the Chicago Tribune hosted an international competition […]

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Saturday Snapshots #60

October 17, 2009

  Head of the Charles Regatta – Boston, October 2008 The Head of the Charles Regatta is a rowing race which takes place on the penultimate complete weekend in October each year.  Started in 1965, the race takes place on the Charles River which separates Cambridge and Boston, Massachusetts.  The course is 3.2 miles long, […]

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Saturday Snapshots #55

September 12, 2009

Flag, Arlington cemetery, Washington DC – October 2008 Arlington National Cemetery in Washington DC is a 624 acre cemetery near the Pentagon, established in the late 1800s on land previously owned by the celebrated General Robert E. Lee.  The cemetery contains the remains of military personnel killed in every American conflict from the American Civil War to […]

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Saturday Snapshots #51

August 15, 2009

The Bean – Chicago, October 2008 I expected a number of things when I went to Chicago last year.  I expected a very big lake.  I expected great Art Deco architecture.  And I expected to re-enact the scene from Ferris Bueller's Day Off where they go up the Sears Tower and lean their heads against […]

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Saturday Snapshots #43

June 20, 2009

  Brooklyn Bridge sunset, New York City – October 2006 The beautiful neo-Gothic Brooklyn Bridge connects Manhattan with Brooklyn and upon its completion in 1883, it was the longest suspension bridge in the world.  A week after it opened to the public, a rumour that it was going to collapse started a stampede in which […]

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Saturday Snapshots #22

January 24, 2009

  Illegal alien – Galena, Illinois – October 2008 When we were in Chicago last year, we drove out to Galena for the weekend and stopped at the Chestnut Mountain Resort on the banks of the Mississippi River.  While I was waiting for Nick, I snapped this little guy, and I was surprised to find he wasn't […]

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