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Pea, feta cheese and basil frittata

November 5, 2009

During World War II, 67,000 Italian prisoners of war mainly from the conflict in North Africa were sent out to South Africa where they were mainly housed in the Zonderwater POW camp in what was then the Transvaal. (You can read more about the camp here – but suffice to say that after the war the Camp Commandant Prinsloo […]

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Frittata with Gorgonzola spring greens

May 15, 2009

Ah, the omelette. Done well, it is a thing of exquisitely simple beauty – a wobbly, barely cooked blanket of eggy goodness enfolding a delicious surprise of a filling.  It’s cheap, it is easy to master, and together with a salad and a glass of wine, you need little else for an elegant and satisfyng […]

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Chickpea & paprika crostini

April 29, 2009

  Right – who’s up for a little chickpea quiz (written by sterretjie101 over at  No peeking at the answers now…  Let’s see who REALLY loves this legume. 1. The chickpea belongs to the legume family in the plant kingdom. According to the species classification, what animal does the humble pea resemble? a) Shrew […]

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Tuna toasties for a busy Friday night

February 27, 2009

Regard the humble tuna toastie. It's not big or clever or funny or famous.  You don't serve it at fancy dinner parties.  Ferran Adria has not deconstructed it into a post-modernist version of itself.  In short, it doesn't get to walk the culinary red carpet of life. But show me a quicker, easier and tastier dish […]

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Smoked salmon mini-quiches with sour cream & caviar

February 11, 2009

  You know how they say that good things happen in threes?  Or am I getting confused with bad things happening in threes?  We had a cleaner-cum-nanny when I was a little girl, a woman I loved so much I was convinced she was part of the family, and used to list her when I […]

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Savoury caprese bread & butter pudding

February 1, 2009

   If I say "Fat Duck" or "Heston Blumenthal", what is the first specific dish that springs to mind?  I'd bet my bottom dollar it's either egg and bacon ice cream of snail porridge.  The question is why these two dishes in particular have so grabbed the public's imagination. I don't think it's that either of […]

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Smoked salmon paté moulds

January 30, 2009

  As I mentioned before, over Christmas and New Year I had to produce food in three kitchens other than my own, and to save my sanity I decided to come up with three recipes based on one central ingredient:  smoked salmon. In the first of this 3-part series, I told you how I made […]

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