Snoek: scrumptious, sustainable – and sold in Milton Keynes

December 1, 2006

Isn’t it funny what you miss from home?  When the first wave of South Africans came over to London after we were welcomed back into the Commonwealth, suitcases were stuffed full of Mrs Ball’s chutney, rooibos tea and illicit biltong.  Now all of these things are available at many mainstream supermarkets (which is either a […]

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Chakalaka by the Thames – scenes from a braai Part III

October 5, 2006

Well, you’ve heard about the stuffed pork fillets on Friday night.  You’ve heard about the lamb sosaties on Saturday night.  Time now to conclude this series of weekend braais (barbecues) with Sunday’s contribution. As I may have mentioned in the past, my other half Nick rowed competitively for many years.  In fact, I don’t think […]

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Scenes from a braai II – lamb sosaties with a view

September 15, 2006

As I mentioned previously, a couple of weeks ago we enjoyed three marvellous and very divergent braais (BBQs) in the space of one weekend.  Seeing as the weatherman has now assured us that summer is officially over in the UK (!!), I suspect that the memories of those halcyon days (and I do mean days, […]

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Scenes from a braai I – pork fillet stuffed with pear and sage

September 6, 2006

So as I mentioned, a couple of weeks ago we managed to attend three braais in as many days and each of these featured at least one great recipe.  The first of the three took place after work on the Friday night at chez nous – I have already posted here about the fabulous cherry […]

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Whole salmon on the barbecue (with carpaccio of zucchini on the side!)

September 5, 2004

If they make a movie of my life, the segment covering July/Aug 2004 it is going to be called “Four braais and a barbecue” – I insist! I don’t think we have ever had so many consecutive barbecues in all the time I’ve been in London. In fact, I struggle to think of a time […]

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A bit on the side, Part 2 – roosterkoek

August 2, 2004

I’m sad to say but I have noticed that I have transferred the bad habits from my real life to my blog life. I had a quick look last night at my “To blog list” (bad habit no.1 – excessive list making) and found that, despite all my good intentions, there is still stuff on […]

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Train smash and mealiepap: A bit on the side, Part 1

July 28, 2004

Well, as promised in my recent post on stuffed beef fillet on the braai for IMBB6, I have put together a few authentically South African side dishes for a braai or barbecue. As I mentioned in the original post, braais have come a long way since the days of our forefathers and today you are […]

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