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Of BLT sandwiches, bacon and blog birthdays

May 28, 2010

The time has come, the walrus said,To talk of many things:Of shoes and ships and sealing wax;Of cabbages and kings.     -  Lewis Carroll   And, evidently, of BLT sandwiches, Denhay bacon and blog birthdays. I attended a function at the Gourmet Burger Kitchen this week where I was asked (with some degree of awe!):  […]

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One-pan breakfast – something for the weekend

March 12, 2010

When I was 16 years old, I made up my mind one December that what I really wanted to do was host a new year's eve party.  But it wasn't enough to have people round for dinner and some dancing – oh no, this party had to be different.  The invitations requested the pleasure of my […]

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Mirabelle and ginger jam

November 17, 2009

Do you still remember your first time? All that panic-stricken wondering whether you were doing it right… Whether it was firm enough yet… Whether it had gone on long enough or not… Whether it was really supposed to look like that… Whether the equipment was in deep enough… I remember my first time very well – but […]

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Savoury caprese bread & butter pudding

February 1, 2009

   If I say "Fat Duck" or "Heston Blumenthal", what is the first specific dish that springs to mind?  I'd bet my bottom dollar it's either egg and bacon ice cream of snail porridge.  The question is why these two dishes in particular have so grabbed the public's imagination. I don't think it's that either of […]

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Scrambled eggs with sun-dried tomato & Parmesan

November 9, 2008

  So how was your weekend?  Relaxing?  Sociable? Productive? Or maybe like mine – slightly deranged. Friday night: make ratatouille bake for dinner. After dinner, wrestle washing machine away from wall to unplug it.  Absolutly horrified at the dirt and spiderwebs behind it.   Attempt to find tools described by absentee husband in drawer and cupboard – no luck.  […]

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Smoked salmon eggs Benedict for an anniversary breakfast

April 28, 2008

Fact:  marriage is hard work.  And I have a suspicion that everyone reading this who is married will agree with me on this…!  Of course it’s also fun, rewarding and comfortable, but anybody entering into it with the idea that it is going to be moonlight and roses is in for a painful reality check.  […]

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Oat and cherry muffins

April 27, 2008

The older I get, the more I envy people who can look dispassionately at all the things they have accumulated… and one day decide to ditch them all – or at least, a large proportion of them.  A good friend of mine who I knew at university and who had always said that whan he […]

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