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A Bisol prosecco tasting at The Wine Theatre

May 27, 2009

  So are you feeling as credit crunched as I am??  Redundancies everywhere, a grocery bill that just seems filled with helium and rises every week despite the fact that we are buying exactly the same stuff – and a bathroom renovation that seems to have a budget like a small country.  Clearly, expensive holidays […]

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Feast, famine and Ferran Adria – and a challenge

November 25, 2008

Last night I (together with 900-odd other foodies) filled the Queen Elizabeth Hall at the Royal Festival Hall complex to hear a talk by one of the biggest names in the foodie world today: chef Ferran Adria of El Bulli.  Adria has been called the best chef in the world, and El Bulli has been named Best Restaurant in the […]

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Le Pain Quotidien – and meeting another SA foodblogger

November 4, 2008

They say life is what happens while you're making other plans. Tonight I was planning to leave work early, come home, make my ratatouille bake for dinner, and finish the WTSIM#20 round-up. However, what happened while I was making these plans, was that I got stuck in an elevator at work for 45 minutes between […]

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Bath farmers’ market

August 28, 2008

  When am I going to learn?  You'd think that after eight years of living in this country on and off, I would by now have learnt that: a) sunny weather over here does not necessarily mean sunny weather over there; and b) sunny weather at 9 a.m. is no guarantee of sunny weather at noon.  […]

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Aubergine, Cape Town

August 19, 2008

Right, boys and girls, it's trivia time!  One of the following statements is false. 1.  An aubergine is richer in nicotene that any other edible plant. 2.  Aubergine is a popular girls' name in Namibia. 3.  Aubergine is an award-winning restaurant in Cape Town. Lucky for me, the third statement is definitely true, and it's […]

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Introducing wine bloggers to Bacchus

June 9, 2008

Yes I know – sounds as redundant as teaching Gordon Ramsay how to swear, doesn't it? But don't worry, it's not as daft as it sounds.  The Bacchus I'm referring to is the wine bar and deli section of Vivat Bacchus (I previously reviewed my dinner in the posher downstairs restaurant here).  As I've mentioned before, […]

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Salmon tournedos at the Cookbook Cooking Club

January 24, 2008

I have written previously about the Cookbook Cooking Club, our inspired idea to keep Johanna "in the loop" while she was home and looking after baby Henrik way back in the spring.  I even posted a Flickr album of photos of the day.  And yet somehow I never actually blogged it.  But in the spirit […]

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