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Asparagus salad with pesto and Parmesan

Thumbnail image for Asparagus salad with pesto and Parmesan June 17, 2010

Isn’t it funny how some words are more fun to say out loud than others?  Bibulous.  Molybdenum. Flibbertigibbet. Asparagus.  Assssparrrrragus! Say it out loud!  And clearly TS Eliot agreed with me – he named one of the feline characters in Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats Asparagus: Gus is the cat at the Theatre Door. […]

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Salmon tagliatelle and a Cirio product review

Thumbnail image for Salmon tagliatelle and a Cirio product review November 22, 2009

Sometimes, only comfort food will do. Maybe it’s the windy, rainy weather.  Maybe it was the rather stressful Friday and Saturday I spent co-ordinating a training seminar for nearly 100 people in Croydon last weekend.  Or the nasty tummy bug I had 3 days earlier… Whatever the reason, last Monday when I got home from work, the […]

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Product review – Good Natured strawberries

October 30, 2009

Nothing like a trawl through your draft posts to remind you of all the good intentions of summer posts unwritten…! Back at the start of summer, around about the time of Wimbledon, in fact, I received an e-mail asking whether I would like a delivery of free strawberries and cream.  Talk about a no-brainer – […]

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Product review: Kellogg’s Natures’ Pleasure baked muesli

March 13, 2009

  So they say big surprises come in small packages.  Well, I always say it’s the exception that proves the rule. A couple of weeks ago I got home from work, tired and grumpy, to find a large box addressed to me waiting on the doorstep. I didn’t recall ordering anything from Amazon; it wasn’t […]

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A stylish lunch – from Lidl and IKEA (!)

July 22, 2008

So… you’d have to have spent the last few months living under a rock in the desert not to have heard about the credit crunch.   Yes, folks, it appears that apart from:   a) the environment going to hell in a handbasket;   b) social values and the nuclear family going to hell in […]

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Hot chocolate weather – and something for my South African readers

May 29, 2008

OK, so what is it with this country? From the end of August right through to Christmas you get no public holidays.  Zip. Zero.  Zilch.  Nada.  But based (presumably) on the premise that the weather is lovely in spring and early summer, you get not only Easter but also two public holidays in May. Which would be […]

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The Hostess with the mostest

February 7, 2007

First, my little phallic chiles (there’s a potential Googlewhack if ever I saw one!) and now this.  Anybody want to put two and two together (so to speak!) and guess what my this post is all about? Let me start by saying that it’s a good thing that the preferences we have when we’re kids […]

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