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Pig ignorant, that’s me…

January 19, 2006

Well, after last week’s post, I felt I was confident that I knew my gammon.  It’s is some sort of cured pork that you eat at Christmas – I mean, how complicated can that be?  But while chatting to Moira, I discovered that she wasn’t familiar with the term, and I discovered that I was […]

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Brighton Rock(y Horror)

November 12, 2005

Sometime this summer, I took a train down to Brighton with a few girlfriends to spend the day shopping, eating and walking on the famous pier.  Brighton is a nice distance from London – far enough to know that you’ve been away, but close enough to get there and back in a day and have […]

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I have a long way to go…

May 27, 2005

The Observer Newspaper here in England publishes a monthly food magazine, and in the most recent edition, they have included a list of the Top 50 things every foodie should do. OK, either: a)  I am not a real foodie b)  I have lived a very VERY closeted culinary life c)  I am going to […]

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Foodblog events and forthcoming attractions

April 22, 2005

Allow me to introduce myself – I am the person who took six months or more to blog about her June trip to South Africa.  I am the person who stretched the two week time limit requested by Santos (for filling in my contribution to the 100 Recipes project) to over two months.  I am […]

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Cooking for Gold

October 19, 2004

Now that the excitement of the Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games has died down, the victory parades held and the flame extinguished, it’s time for an Olympic contest of another kind, and one that’s much more suited to my taste – the Culinary Olympics! The event (officially known as the Internationale Kochkunst Ausstellung) was […]

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If an army marches on its stomach

July 22, 2004

… then these guys are in big trouble!! I can understand that you need to reduce the weight of food and water that each soldier carries, but come on….! Yet another reason not to join the US army!

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July 7, 2004

I do not have much of a sweet tooth – given the choice between a slice of cake and a slice of cheese, the cheese will win every time. But I am also not big on making choices – so in an ideal world I would want something sweet AND some cheese. So I am […]

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