Sugar High Fridays

SHF#7 – Black treacle scones

April 22, 2005

The first I ever heard of molasses was this joke which I found hugely amusing at about age 13: An entire community of moles decides to move tunnels across town.  So they pack up all their mole-ish possessions, sling their little bundles over their shoulders (do moles even have shoulders??) and set off across town […]

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Apple caramel self-saucing pudding – SHF#6

Thumbnail image for Apple caramel self-saucing pudding – SHF#6 March 19, 2005

So I got to work on Friday morning, logged onto the system and quickly went to check the results of the South African blog awards –  success! I had won the Best South African Food Blog category!!  I decided by 09h30 in the morning that dinner on Friday night would be something of a celebratory […]

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Sugar High Friday – a Valentine’s cherry millefeuille

February 13, 2005

What was that I was saying in my previous post about procrastination?  Here at Cooksister I’ve managed to turn Sugar High Friday into Sugar High Weekend…  But this time there was a reason. No really.  You see, Nick’s been away in Spain for a week on a rowing camp and he took the digital camera […]

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