EoMEoTE – Night of the Living Bread

November 6, 2005

SCENE: 21h00, 31 OCTOBER, COOKSISTER’S HOUSE Hubby: [shuts door] Phew, we must have fed sweets to half the kids in London!  I mean skeletons, vampires, mummies, witches – you name it, it’s knocked on our door! Cooksister: You can say that again – talk about being on a sugar high!!  Some of them won’t be sleeping for […]

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EoMEoTE#11 – Omelette Loving

October 8, 2005

Omelette loving happened so fast. Omelette loving – oh it’s a blast! Met a pan, cute as can be. Met some eggs – crazy you’ll see. Omlette fun, something’s begun But, oh, it’s the end of the month! Ah well ah well ah well ah hah Tell me more, is there bacon to chop? Tell […]

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EoMEoTE#11 – Eggs Benedisco

October 5, 2005

My, my, her eggy crown Cooksister did surrender. Oh yes, but Stephanie is standing in and doing a splendid job. The recipe book’s off the shelf, The deadline is looming – please help!! Eggaloo!  Eggs are repeated, they never bore. Eggaloo!  Promise to love you for evermore… Yup folks, if you were waiting for the […]

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One egg, two egg – the EoMEoTE#10 Dr Seuss round-up

September 24, 2005

I’m the host, I like toast. I like eggs on eggs on toast. Make them salty, make them sweet Egg and toast’s just up my street. You can make them in a pie; With some bacon you can fry. Bake ‘em in a custard tart, Make ‘em novel – that’s the art. Add some verse, […]

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Eggs on eggs on toast – EoMEoTE#10

September 8, 2005

Now the Cooksister lives in a house in the east And she does love to cook, be it fruit, flesh or beast And once a month she gets really excited – Invitations go out and the guests are invited. For, you see, every month there’s this thing she must do, It’s really quite simple, its […]

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EoMEoTE#10 – The Cat in the Hat hits town

August 26, 2005

I’m your host With the most – Will you bring me eggs on toast? You can get them from a can, You can fry them in a pan, You can put them on a flan. With a man Called Stan. Use your hands, use your legs – Who cares – just make toast and eggs!! […]

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EoMEoTE#9 – the Sorting Sieve

August 16, 2005

A hushed silence fell upon the huge Hogwarts dining hall.  Even a couple of Hufflepuff girls who seemed pathologically incapable of suppressing their giggles for more than five continuous seconds had made a superhuman effort to maintain the decorous silence.  Harry looked up at the beautifully decorated ceiling.  He was slowly getting used to the […]

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