EoMEoTE #15 – A Hard(-boiled) man is good to find

April 4, 2006

It was a Tuesday afternoon.  Business was slow at the Cracked Shell detective agency. Troy Yolk stared moodily out through the grimy Venetian blinds covering his window and out into the street below, slowly clenching and unclenching his jaw.  He hated these times between jobs. Too much time to think.  Suddenly there was a knock […]

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Poetry in motion – the EoMEoTE#14

February 15, 2006

Can you believe this is already the FOURTEENTH End of Month Egg on Toast Extravaganza??  No, me neither.  But here it is, and the challenge this month was to sumbit your eggy, toasty dish in the form of a parody of your favourite poem or poet.  Oh boy, did we get a selection!!  Percy Bysse […]

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EoMEoTE#14 – Kubla Cluck

February 8, 2006

Ovadu At End of Month did Cooksister An egg on toast event decree: Where yolk the sacred liquid ranThrough breadrolls fashioned in a panTo feed both you and me.So twice eggs made a cracking sound And soon they were no longer round.And there were tomatoes red, fresh off the stalk, And eggs as creamy as […]

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Announcing EoMEoTE#14 – Poetic injustice

February 1, 2006

Yes, it’s the first of the month, and that can only mean one thing – the End of Month Egg on Toast Extravaganza is back after a December hiatus!  Hurrah!  I know some of you have been quetly making enquiries as to whether the event will be taking place this month and the answer is […]

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EoMEoTE#13 – Back to the nursery: the round-up

December 31, 2005

It’s been a long time coming, but here, at last is the roundup of the nursery edition of EoMEoTE#13.  There were trips to our own childhood, memories of things cooked for our children and a whole Mother Goose worth of rhymes (shaken and scrambled, but nursery rhymes nonetheless!!).  Thanks to all of you who took […]

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EoMEoTE #13 – Jack Sprat and the Grand old Duke of York’s soldiers

December 10, 2005

Jack Sprat could eat no fat: He hated it the most. And so his wife, betwixt his meals, Would make him eggs and toast First she set the eggs to boil; The bread she cut in strips And generously sprinkled them With Pecorino chips. When the eggs were boiled soft The bread she’d quickly grill, […]

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Humpty Dumpty and friends – EoMEoTE #13

December 2, 2005

Humpty Dumpty was cracked on his head, Humpty Dumpty was eaten with bread. Now all the food bloggers and all of their friends Will hunt Humpty Dumpty at every month’s end. Yes, it’s that time of the month again, folks!  And of course, when I say the "end" of the month, I mean "somewhere vaguely […]

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