Cranberry, orange and pecan muffins for WTSIM

January 11, 2009

   I'm still warbling Christmas carols, thinking about posting my Christmas lunch & New Year dinner recipes, and looking guiltily at our Christmas tree that really should come down…  so can somebody please explain to me how it got to be almost halfway through January 2009 already??  Yikes.  Tempus fugit indeed.  I believe I'm up […]

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Awards – for me and for South African food producers

September 9, 2008

You know that old saying about "if at first you don't succeed, try and try again"? I'd never been quite convinced by it.  I was always more of a "if at first you don't succeed, so much for bungee jumping" kinda gal! But every once in a while, the universe nudges you with its elbow and says "see – I […]

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Bath farmers’ market

August 28, 2008

  When am I going to learn?  You'd think that after eight years of living in this country on and off, I would by now have learnt that: a) sunny weather over here does not necessarily mean sunny weather over there; and b) sunny weather at 9 a.m. is no guarantee of sunny weather at noon.  […]

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Yellow pepper tarte tatin

June 25, 2008

Yellow is the easiest colour for the human eye to see and is therefore often used in visibility clothing. In heraldry, yellow signifies honour and loyalty. For years yellow ribbons were worn as a sign of hope as women waited from their men to come marching home from war. Yellow is the colour of  mourning in Egypt. […]

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A very special edition of CLICK

June 3, 2008

Readers of this blog will know that I have written before about friends of mine who have done battle with cancer.  My beautiful friend Christelle and my first love Peter both succumbed to this devastating disease, but Gail, Francois and Lizel all came through fighting and winning.  And having watched these people all do battle […]

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Spicy lentil, radish and parsley salad

May 27, 2008

Oh, I had such good intentions. I came home on Friday afternoon and the three-day weekend stretched ahead of me as if it would never end.  Surely I would have time to do absolutely everything on my blog to do list?  I mean, how long can it take to post a couple of recipes, recategorise over […]

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Cranberry & pear upside down cake

April 30, 2008

Isn't it wonderful when winter slooooooowly starts to recede and bit by bit, you can see the selection of fruit (and vegetables!) improving?  Where before there were only forlorn and ridiculously out of season mangoes and strawberries, suddenly the wonderful deciduous fruits are reappearing – and English cherries and strawberries can't be far behind!  As […]

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