Saturday Snapshots #95


Fairview bored doe – near Stellenbosch, South Africa 2008

One of my favourite wine estates in South Africa (and probably the one I’ve visited most often) is Fairview.  Part of the reason is the fact that they have been making cheese on the farm for years and have a cheese tasting room right next to the wine tasting room (my idea of heaven); and part of the reason is their crazy goat tower in the front garden.  In fact, the first thing you see when you arrive at the estate is the tower with its external “staircase” and a couple of goats peering out of the windows high above you. These goats came in handy when the Fairview winemakers were naming their red blends.  Although they were prevented by trade laws from using descriptions like “Cotes du Rhone style blend” or “Bordeaux style blend”, even irate French wine producers could not object when they chose wine names inspired by the farm’s ubiquitous farm goats:  Goat Roti, Goats do Roam, and my personal favourite – Bored Doe :)

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  1. says

    This was my favourite of all the wine farms I visited, the cheese room definitely had something to do with that.
    Goats do Roam is my favourite of their wines, I wish we could get the cheese here too.

  2. says

    We made the mistake of making this our first stop while visiting a few wine farms in the area… we walked out with a few cases and didn’t have too much space for the rest!

  3. says

    Definitely our favourite wine estate to visit with family and to meet friends at, even though our Spar now stocks all their cheese!

  4. Jessica says

    Necessity is the mother of invention, they say. How clever of these winemakers! I have to find Bored Doe. Sounds so interesting. Is it shipped to the states?

  5. says

    @Kerri – it’s such a great ell-round estate – intresting wines with quirky labels, excellent cheese, a funky goat tower – what’s not to like?! 😉
    @Ronell – it’s qute unique! I love the shadow that the “steps” make on the wall of the tower.
    @natalian – that’s the problem with going to Fairview first – you peak too early! On the other hand, stopping there first means your picnic lunch is sorted… :)
    @Marisa – never tried their sour grape juice but will have to do so next time!
    @Kit – it was lovely meeting YOU there for lunch! And I must say it is convenient to be able to get all their cheese at the Spar, but nothing beats a visit to the farm.
    @Valentina – oh, you have to go and visit, you would LOVE the South African wine estates! And everybody is so friendly :)
    @Courtney – thanks sweetie! I don’t often see Bored Doe outside SA – will have to get you a bottle next time I visit! Or you will have to come WITH me :)
    @Carol – thanks for stopping by and glad you enjoyed your visit. Don’t be a stranger 😉
    @Jessica – I know, so inventive! Here is a list of stockists of Bored Doe in the USA:
    @Rosemary – the hills are alive, apparently 😉 Thanks, sweetie!