November 2009

Food Blogger Connect 2009

November 30, 2009

Remember high school exams?  The hard work, the anxiety about failure, the vaguely hysterical laughter every time you called a friend to ask how their studying was going, and the euphoria of opening the paper and realising that you had condentrated on the right bits?  And of course the anticlimax when you woke up the […]

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Saturday Snapshots #66

November 28, 2009

Tribune Tower, Chicago - October 2008 One of the most iconic buildings in Chicago is the famous Tribune Tower.  Completed in 1925, it houses the Chicago Tribune newspaper as well as WGN Radio which broadcasts from a studio with windows onto the street so that you can watch broadcasts.  In 1922, the Chicago Tribune hosted an international competition […]

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Spinach, feta, sun-dried tomato and toasted seed salad

November 27, 2009

  I am mostly a positive person, and I mostly love living here in London.  But every now and then you just have one of those afternoons. Next week is the week-long training programme at work for which I am solely responsible, so the afternoon was filled with printing materials, collating folders and making sure […]

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Cooksister calendars now available!

November 26, 2009

You all know the feeling.  The knot in your stomach.  The tightness in your chest.  The shallow breaths and elevated heart-rate. The shooting pains down your left arm. Yes, folks, the festive season is upon us.  The knot in your stomach is from too much cranberry sauce.  The tightness in your chest returns every time […]

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Salmon tagliatelle and a Cirio product review

November 22, 2009

  Sometimes, only comfort food will do. Maybe it's the windy, rainy weather.  Maybe it was the rather stressful Friday and Saturday I spent co-ordinating a training seminar for nearly 100 people in Croydon last weekend.  Or the nasty tummy bug I had 3 days earlier…   Whatever the reason, last Monday when I got home from […]

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Saturday Snapshots #65

November 21, 2009

  Seeing red – Reims, August 2007 What better way to  brighten up a cold, rainy, grey London Sunday morning than a flaky croissant, a cup of steaming coffee and a picture of these spectacularly red Boston Ivy (related to but distinct from the Viriginia Creeper) leaves taken on our visit to the Piper Heidsieck […]

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The BloggerAid Cook Book has arrived!

November 19, 2009

Not having children, I don't feel I can speak authoritatively about the pain of childbirth and how you apparently forget about how bad it was (otherwise there would be a LOT more single-child families around…!).  But I DO feel qualified to speak with authority about the labour pains of producing a collaborative recipe book containing close […]

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