Please vote for me – I’m a double finalist in the South African Blog Awards!

I feel as if I've been strapped into a time machine and magically transported back in time to 1994.  Why 1994?  Because that was the last time that the first thing on my mind in the morning was voting. 

Back then it was voting in South Africa's first democratic election.  I voted and then spent the day at Dockside Debbies in the Port Elizabeth harbour, getting pleasantly mellow with my then-boyfriend Gary and the rest of the Oval tennis club.  The next morning, my mom had the only hangover I ever saw her suffer, after she and my dad over-indulged in the sherry with friends after casting her vote.  I remember my brother and I finding it tremendously amusing and feeding her various hangover remedies throughout the day, and I remember my mom being too miserable to ask pointed questions about how exactly her kids had come to know so much about hangover remedies!

Now the year is 2009, and the exciting news for South African voters abroad is that, after the SA government denied us the right to vote in the previous general election, the Constitutional Court has now ruled that voting is a a democratic right of every citizen, whether or not they are presently living in South Africa.  So next month, I will once again be allowed to vote in my country's elections and I am unexpectedly moved and excited by the prospect.  If you are a South African expat abroad, here's how to do it.

But the even more exciting news for voters around the world is that CookSister has once again been selected as a finalist in the South African Blog Awards, both in the Best Food & Wine Blog and Best Overseas Blog categories!  I want to thank sincerely each and every one of you who nominated me – your support means the world to me.  And all that remains now is to ask you pretty please to support me one more time and vote for me!  If you click on the "vote this blog" logo on the left you will see that CookSister has been handily pre-selected in the 2 categories where I am nominated.  All you have to do is tick the blogs you want to vote for in other categories (not compulsory), enter a valid e-mail address (compulsory) and send your vote!  As with the nominations, one vote is allowed per valid e-mail address, and once you have voted a link will be e-mailed back to your address.  You must open the e-mail and click on this link in order to complete your vote, otherwise it will not be counted (see the rules for more info). 

Voting is open from now until 31 March, with the winners being announced on 3 April at the usual glittering awards ceremony in Cape Town.

Good luck to all the nominees and may the best blogs win!

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    Yay! I am very excited that South African Expats are allowed to vote in this year’s General Elections! I have just received my confirmation that my vote for your blog is being counted!