Nominations now open for the South African Blog Awards 2009!

SABlogawards09 Well, we've had the BAFTAs, the Grammys, the British Music Awards and of course the Oscars.  But all these were clearly just part of the build-up to the premier awards event of the season:  the South African Blog Awards!

Yes, folks, a year has passed and it's once again time to nominate and vote for the brightest of the blogging talent that South Africa has to offer.  The rules are simple – the blog has to be written in South Africa or by a South African citizen living abroad; it has to have existed during 2008; and it must have dated entries.  As far as how to nominate goes, only ONE nomination form per person allowed; you must nominate at LEAST three different blogs (e.g. not just Cooksister three times in different categories); you must supply the URL for the blogs you nominate (e.g., and most importantly, you must supply a valid e-mail address in order to nominate (to ensure that you are not a robot and that every person only nominates once) . 

You have 23 categories in which to nominate, and if you want some ideas of blogs to nominate, take a look at Amatomu and see what's on offer in the South African blogosphere.  And if you feel so inclined, you can nominate… me!  Best Food Blog, Best Overseas blog, Best Writing, Best Photography… whatever labels you think apply to CookSister.

Nominations run from 1-14 March, and after the judges have whittled the nominations down to a shortlist in each category, there will  be a round of public voting from 17-31 March.

And if you are a South African expat who is being denied the right to vote in this year's elections, at least you can say you were allowed to vote in the 2009 SA Blog Awards ūüėČ

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  1. Gillian says

    But of course I will nominate you … and then write another story on you when (not if) you win … and this time it will go online as we are launching our new website for The Herald next week. Good luck!!

  2. says

    I’m going to read right on – though not a South African – neither born nor bred, but you’ve got me hooked. I await the South African Blog Awards – nominations and all.

  3. Kecia says

    Hi, was so happy to find your site today. As an American living in PE, I enjoy reading the blog written by a Zimbabwean in Tanzania and now I can read the South African in London! Congrats on such a lovely site, you are a shoo in for a win in the latest round of awards.

  4. Dedene says

    Hello, I found your site through Kecia and I’m thrilled. I’m an American living in France. My favorite south african blog is written by a Zimbabwean in Tanzania. Now I can read about your life too. You have a great site. Here’s to your obvious in the competition.

  5. Sarah says

    Will definately be voting for you!! Good luck!! I am a South African living in Uganda and have a vegan family coming over for a braai on Saturday (yar – I know, doff hey?) and all I can say is thank gawd I found your site!