Some press, some awards, and a great reason to bake some bread

Remember that line in Pulp Fiction when Uma Thurman as Mia comes back to the table at Jack Rabbit Slims where she is having dinner with with John Travlota as Vincent and she says "Don't you just love it when you come back from the bathroom and find your food waiting for you?"? 

Well, that's rather how I felt when I got back from holiday this week.

Firstly, I was thrilled to find out this week that Justin Hartman over at the Afrigator blog (Afrigator being a blog aggregator for African blogs) has compiled a list of the top 45 female African bloggers (as ranked by Afrigator) – and I'm on it!  I come in at number 8 which is pretty thrilling.  Do yourself a favour and go and take a look at some of the other blogs on the list.  Some will be familiar, but I guarantee you that you will find some new female bloggers to add to your blogroll.  Thanks for the great spotlight, Justin! 

In a bit of nationality dissonance, I am also happy to announce that CookSister has been named as one of the top 10 British food blogs of the moment by All About You (the online home of Good Housekeeping magazine).  I'm in good company too as Andrew, Johanna, Trig, Keiko Julia and Scott all feature too!

ILoveYourBlog And I was touched to discover that I had been nominated for an award, not by one but by two of my favourite foodies over in the Food24 stable. Both Naqiyah of Tongue Tickle and Browniegirl of Kitchen Diary had nominated me for an "I  love your blog" award in my absence – thanks ladies!  And of course, the feeling is mutual :)

Here are the rules:

1) Add the logo of the award to your blog.
2) Add a link to the person who awarded it to you (as shown above).
3) Nominate at least seven other blogs.
4) Add links to those blogs on your blog.

In no particular order, I nominate:

Charlotte of Charlotte's Web
Mel of Doula Mel
Courtney of Coco Cooks
Kit of Food & Family
Ronell of My French Kitchen
Katie of Thyme for Cooking
Girlie and Pants of Boots in the Oven

And just before we move on from awards, the winners have been announced in the 2008 Bloggers' Choice awards and now we are straight into another year's voting for the 2009 awards.  I have been nominated in the Best Food Blog and Best Writing (bizarrely named the Blogitzer) category.  Please click on these links to vote for me!  You will have to create a username and password to prevent duplicate voting, but this will not take more than a few seconds. Thank you!

The one thing that I was sorry to miss while I was away was Blog Action Day on 15 October.  This is a designated day when bloggers worldwide all post on a single topic in an effort to make a difference and change the world in a positive way.  This year, the theme was poverty and there were some outstanding posts, like Deeba's haunting photographs of New Delhi and Charlotte's devastating piece on how poverty and HIV are in a deadly partnership in South Africa.  However, an initiative that I can take part in is the worldwide Blogger Bake-off, which was launched by Breadline Africa on Blog Action Day.  The slogan is bake bread, give dough and the aim is to raise $1 million in funds to help alleviate poverty in Africa.  Their plan is to convert shipping containers into locations for food production and distribution in Africa.  It is hoped that these sustainable commnity kitchens will not only provide food such as bread and soup to those in need, but also opportunities for skills development within poor communities.

So how does the Breadline Africa Worldwide Blogger Bake Off Campaign work?

Quite simply: bake bread, give dough. You can sign up for the campaign, make a donation, upload your bread recipes and document your culinary adventures in the media centre to spread the word. Bloggers can go even further by downloading the Blogger Bake-off widget and tagging five other bloggers to do the same – which I have done.  My five tagged bloggers are:

There are various ways for you to get involved once you've joined the campaign, and you don't need a blog to participate. You can:

  • Submit your bread baking recipe
  • Make a donation to Breadline Africa
  • Vote for your favourite bread recipe that's been submitted 
  • Bake a loaf of bread and blog about it
  • Bake many loaves of bread and host a bake sale to raise money

Categories in which you can vote for a bread recipe are:

  • Most Nutritious
  • Most Unusual
  • Best Traditional Recipe

Every donation goes towards the $1 million target, and if you spearhead the most donations (still trying to get clarification on the mechanics of this opaque statement from the organisers!), you earn the honour of having a container kitchen in Africa named after you! Plus you will receive an Amazon voucher of $500. The winners with the most votes in each bread recipe category will receive $250 in Amazon vouchers each.

So what are you waiting for – join the Blogger Bake-offBake bread, give dough!

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  1. says

    I had no idea about the All About You link; thanks for bringing it to my attention and congrats to you and the others for being listed (although I dont really think SpittoonExtra should be on the list!).
    Good luck with the bread!

  2. says

    Well done on the awards and for that spot on the top 45 list – you deserve them Jeanne!
    Love the idea of the Bake-off (and not only because it gives me a good excuse to break the No-carb diet ūüėČ I’m going to have to go and dig up a new bread recipe!

  3. says

    Thanks for including me in the Blog love! Sounds like you’ve come back to a huge amount of activity in the blog world – well done on all your awards – it’s because we all enjoy reading you and you convey your interest and passion for food and life so well!!

  4. says

    Fantastic Jeanne…good for you. Press, awards, good reason to bake bread…what more can we ask for!! Those are great lists to be included in! Thanks a million for including me; am humbled & elated too…will bake bread SOON!!

  5. says

    well, done, you, you so deserve it! thanks for alerting me, too, i’d never have found out!
    i will happily participate and bake a bread for africa, of course – will make sure i do so some time this week or next…

  6. says

    Congrats, and all that!
    And thanks for sharing the love and fame. I have only limited internet for now, but when I’m back…. I’ll thank you properly!
    I sit in my car on a side street… very clandestine!