Saturday Snapshots #9


London Autumn stroll, October 2007

Apparently the depth of red or yellow colour that Autumn leaves attain is determined by how much sustained warmth the tree enjoyed during the summer.  Clearly, last year was an unspectacular but sustained, warm summer.  Clearly this year was not – this same avenue of trees near my house that was ablaze with colour last Autumn is a kind of mottled combination of green and already-dead brown leaves this year.

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    Oh, I remember walking at that park just before you reach Buckingham Palace (I wanna say Hyde Park… But maybe I’m getting my parks mixed up…). It was Spring and I’d never been in such a beautiful place before. It was also 2004 and I didn’t know the slightest thing about photography OR food which is why I kick myself every single day. Thank you for bringing Autumn to me– but it makes me want to go back even more! (I need time AND money, haha!)

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    Now that’s an interesting little factoid. I have seen the occasional tree ablaze, but you’re right… most of the fallen leaves are just a muddy brown this year. Never mind… they still rustle beautifully when you walk through them.