On holiday – without internet…

You know how you plan it all to the last detail – lovely apartment, WiFi, lots of almost-done posts to go live while you are relaxing… And then the WiFi will not for love or money talk to your laptop.

So apologies for the radio silence – I am on holiday till 6 July without regular internet access – so here is a pic for you to guess where I am in the meantime.  And yes, we really are staying in this house!


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  1. dawnielle says

    In my next life I am going to be from another country so I can take as many fabulous holidays as you! My-lanta that looks amazing! Enjoy the peace, the view makes up for the lack of internet.

  2. Laura says

    I’m going to guess switzerland, or austria. The french alps are also possible… but I dont think so… do tell us!!

  3. says

    Thanks, everyone, for your good wishes and lovely comments! I must say, I did secretly enjoy not having internet for a week… also no TV…
    Mel – LOL! It was more like little house on the piste. Fantastic! And luckily no outhouse ūüėČ
    Jeffrey and Laura – both good guesses… The problem is that on this photo you can’t really see a) the distinctive little man-made pinnacle on top of the mountain behind us and b) it’s not immediately clear from this photo that the large white knobbly thing behind the lone fir tree is in fact a huge glacier.
    We were in fact in the tiny village of Le Mont just outside Chamonix – that lovely Alpine meadow in the foreground was the Olympic ladies downhill run in 1924! And the peak behind us is the Aguille du Midi in the French Alps, with the Glacier de Bossons to the right of it. Highly recommended – we will be back!