Houston, problem fixed!


After spending all day yesterday and most of last night stressing as to why the permalinks and comment links on Cooksister had stopped working AND the South African Food and Wine Blogger Directory seemed to have gone totally haywire, this morning I woke up to the one thing I really wanted: an e-mail from Typepad support saying that the problem had been fixed and both sites are now working properly!  Hurrah!!

I *heart* Typepad – and normal service will now be resumed.  Thanks for all your patience and encouraging e-mails :)


After four years of trouble-free blogging, it suddenly appears that Typepad has lost the plot.  I was disappointed when I got a fat zero comments on my hot chocolate post.  I was surprised when I still got none on my roasted aubergine dip, and downright distressed when I got none on my beautiful apricot upside down cakes

Until a couple of kind souls e-mailed me to let me know that there is a problem with the permalinks and comment links that Typepad is generating for my posts. It appears that the links being generated have some extra text in them, causing them not to work.  Let me show you. 

The permalink Typepad has generated looks like this, but does not work:


Taking out the extra text, it should actually read as follows, which DOES work:


And the same goes for the comments.  This is the link that does NOT work:


But, taking out the extra text, this one DOES work:


Until Typepad fix the problem (which I suspect is linked to my launch of the SA Food and Wine Bloggers Directory), you can comment by removing the extra "cook_sister" from the URL as demonstrated above, or you can use the CORRECTED links below.  And if anybody has any suggestions as to what I can do or has had a similar experience, I'd love to hear from you.

I hope normal service will shortly be restored…

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