My ELuckypacket postcard, WTSIM and some housekeeping


Eluckypacket_frontb_2 Some of you may remember a few weeks back I highlighted some South African blogs – among them This is Zimbabwe (the source of most of the Zimwatch headlines in my sidebar), Doula Mel, and ELuckypacket.  Well, ELuckypacket's Sue recently hosted a postcard exchange where the idea was to send a postcard to another participant and tell them something about yourself and the city where you live.  Well, what a lovely surprise it was to receive Georgie's postcard from Durban yesterday!  Georgie is a proud mom and gran and told me all about the hot summer Durban has just had and how preparations are coming for the Football World Cup to be hosted in South Africa in 2010.  I hope Georgie has received my postcard too – and Sue will be posting all the postcards on her Flickr page soon.

In other big news, Johanna has posted the roundup for the breakfast edition of Waiter, There's Something in My, and Andrew has announced the theme for May.  He's gone for dried fruit and nuts – other than that, interpretation is up to you.  So think dried cranberry muffins, pecan pie, granola, walnut bread, fruitcake…  the possibilities are endless! You have until 30 May to get your entries to Andrew.

Yummyblog I was also thrilled to discover that the lovely Ronell of My French Kitchen has awarded me a Yummy Blog award!  According to the originator of this award (Roopa of Kitchen Treats):

Hi dear readers/fellow bloggers, I am starting an award category called “Yummy Blog !” where the blog with most yummy recipes/photos will get the award. The person who receives the award should display the “Yummy Blog !” logo on their blog and also the meaning of the award which is “Yummy blog award is the award given to the blog with most yummy recipes/photos” The receiver should also quote their favorite yummy-licious :) dessert(s) that they have ever prepared/eaten. Dont restrict yourself to any dessert, chocolate bars also welcome:). Also the receiver should pass on the award to four other bloggers who’s blog they find “yummy” and let them know about the rules :)

As far as my favourite desserts go, I'll have to mention truly South African treats like Cape brandy pudding, Peppermint Crisp fridge tart, milk tart and asynpoeding (vinegar pudding), but this list wouldn't be complete without my mom's chocolate mousse and my raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake!  As far as the four bloggers to whom I passing this award to, it would have to be:

**STOP PRESS**  I am also thrilled to find that one of my other favourite bloggers, theArteypico  lovely Nicisme of Cherrapeno, has awarded me an Arte y pico award!  This award is for creativity, design, interesting material and contribution to the blogging community, and I am duly surprised flattered to receive it.  As part of my winner's duties (click on the link above to see the rules), I have to pass the award on to five other bloggers, so here goes:

Chris of Melecotte

Charlotte of Charlotte's Web

Johanna of The Passionate Cook

Bron of Bron Marshall

Abby of Eat the Right Stuff

Well done ladies – you deserve it!

And last but not least, in case you are interested, my second piece has just appeared in WE Magazine for women – it's all about South Africa's first carbon-neutral wine from Backsberg, so be sure to check it out! 

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    Oh Jeanne…peppermint crisp tart! Whenever we go home for a visit, this is what I order everywhere anytime! I once went from coffee shop to coffeeshop(in Stb) to ask if they serve peppermint crisp tart, in order to choose where I would have a coffee! My whole family was embarrressed by me..Now off to see your piece in the magazine, congratulations!

  2. says

    I love that postcard idea! Given the international nature of food blogging it would be great to expand this!Congrats on the award, recognition is always validating!

  3. says

    Congrats on the award! You definitely deserve it. And, thank you so much for paying it forward. I am honored you thought of me. :)

  4. says

    Well done on your award – well deserved as always. I spend almost an hour on your site alone and was so happy to find Sophia – thank you. Interesting “steaks” and your consideration for your vegetarian friend is heartwarming.