Announcing the South African Food & Wine Blog Directory


Would you believe that tomorrow it will be four years since my first post on this blog?  I know it seems hard to believe, but I've been tending this little patch of the Internet for 48 happy months.  Who would have thought?

When I started, I suspect that I was something of a novelty act – a South African blogging was relatively rare at that stage, let alone a South African blogging about food and wine.  But slowly over the years, others have emerged, writing either about our rich culinary heritage or our world-class wine industry.  Of course, I kept a close eye on these, welcoming each newbie as best I could and offering advice and support where necessary.  Somebody (who knows who they are!) even gave me the moniker of Yoda at one point ;-).  And slowly the number of South African foodie blogs grew in my Google reader.

But it still seemed that nobody really had much of a feeling of connection and community, partly because it's not always easy to track down South African food and wine blogs unless you go on a mission to look for them.  And so to raise our profile as a community I have today launched the official South African Food and Wine Blog Directory on its own shiny new page – please go and take a look.  Would you be surprised if I told you it features 23 food blogs and 13 wine blogs?  Thought you'd be!  Some blog more regularly than others, some do not focus exclusively on recipes or wine, but between them I think you get a lovely cross-section of the food and wine State of the Nation.

Starting next week I plan to feature a little weekly biography of a particular blogger, based on the answers to a questionnaire that I sent everyone on the directory.  So please do subscribe to the blog's feed or check back regularly to learn a little about each of our colourful collection of bloggers.  A little link-love to spread the word woudl not go amiss either :)  And if you know of a blogger that I have missed, or if you have an idea for what you'd like to see featured on this page, please do drop me an e-mail.

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  1. says

    I love the wire and bead ladybird! We’ve got a family of them here too.
    Congratulations of four years of blogging here – that really does make you a Yoda figure!!

  2. says

    Who would have guessed there were so many wine blogs? Or maybe I shouldn’t be surprised SA being a wine producing nation of course. Several of those listed are new to me so more exploring for me! Great idea, hope it proves successful.

  3. says

    Hi Kit
    That ladybird is my favourite – bought from a guy selling at the traffic lights in Port Elizabeth! And thanks for the blog birthday wishes :)
    Hi Nic
    Thanks! And I hope I have the energy for another four!!
    Hi Kalyn
    Glad you like it – there’s quite a spectrum of blogs on there.
    Hi Andrew
    I know – even I was surprised at the numbers! Happy exploring.
    Hi Katie – thanks!