CookSister in the media spotlight



May 2011  I was one of the four speakers at the Plate to Page food writing and photography workshop in Weimar, Germany where I presented writing workshops as well as a low-light photography presentation.

May 2011  I was interviewed by IT Web for an article on food blogging and popular culture

April 2011  My article and photographs on foods for an Anglo-South African celebration of the Royal Wedding and Freedom Day appeared in the April 2011 issue of the South African Times Magazine

March 2011  I was the keynote speaker and delivered two workshops on food writing and food photography at the Second South African Food Blogger Indaba conference in Cape Town

March 2011  My article and photographs about Sout African braai/BBQ food for the English summer appeared in the march 2011 issue of the South African Times Magazine


December 2010 My article and photographs about cooking a South African Christmas dinner in London appeared in the December 2010 issue of the South African Times magazine

November 2010 I was the subject of an interview and feature in the November 2010 issue of the South African Times magazine 

November 2010 – My recipe for lemon blackberry cheesecake in a glass appeared in the Rate Your recipe section of Crush! online magazine (page 34).

October 2010 my essay entitled The Ghost of Chrismas Past was published in Creating Meal You’ll Love, a collection of culinary essays.

October 2010 Two of my recipes and photographs were published in Foodies of the World, a cookbook showcasing the best food writing from food blogs around the globe

June 2010 I was a speaker at the second Food Blogger Connect conference in London, delivering three presentations on recipe writing; copyright; and writing style and voice

May 2010 I was interviewed by the Canadian National Post newspaper for an article about BBQ traditions from around the world

May 2010 I was the Featured Blog of the Day on the Foodista website front page on 12 May. 

March 2010 I was named in the March 2010 issue of the South African Oprah Magazine as one of their 5 favourite blogs.

March 2010 I was the keynote speaker at the first South African Food Blogger Conference in Cape Town, South Africa.

February 2010 Giant Lurpak posters and billboards appeared all over London (in stations and by roadsides) featuring the white chocolate cupcakes that I baked for their photoshoot in 2009.

February 2010 I was asked by Morrisons supermarkets to develop pancake recipes using seasonal ingredients, and two of my recipes were listed on the Morrison’s website.

January 2010 My article on Cuban wine was featured in the Winter/Spring 09/10 issue of on-line We Magazine for Women (see p. 30)

January 2010  I joined the Food24 site as Foodie Travel expert – feel free to pop in and ask me a question!


December 2009 My recipe for chicken breasts stuffed with sun-dried tomato, cream cheese and sage appeared in the BloggerAid Cook Book

December 2009 I was interviewed by and featured on the Femina website (the feature later went on to be one of the top 5 readers’ favourites in the website’s food section)

December 2009 Four of my essays appeared in National Geographic’s book 500 Food Journeys

November 2009 Cooksister wasone of the featured blogs in the expat magazine SA Promo

November 2009 I was one of the speakers at the first Food Blogger Connect conference in London

November 2009 I was asked by NOMU (a South African company making an excellent range of seasonings) to suggest wine matches for the recipes in the November  NOMU monthly recipe mailer – come and see what I chose!

November 2009 My article on whisky appeared in the Fall 2009 issue of on-line WE Magazine for Women (see p. 30).  It is also my first piece for WE since being promoted to Wine Editor.

October 2009 One of my recipes was selected by butter manufacturer Lurpak to be photographed for a forthcoming outdoor media campaign launching early next year.  I was fortunate enough to attend the professional photoshoot where I prepared my dish for the cameras.

September 2009 One of my photographs of meat on the braai was used as a large button on the Braai4Heritage site which promotes the concept of having a braai (BBQ) to celebrate South Africa’s heritage Day.

August 2009 My recipe for bunny chows was featured in the inaugural issue of Afar magazine.

August 2009  I was commissioned by a publisher to write a travel piece on a South African destination for inclusion in a coffee table book on secret journeys, to be published by National Geographic in 2010.   

April 2009 CookSister was a finalist and ultimately a winner in two categories of the 2009 South African Blog Awards – Best South African Food Blog and Best Overseas South African Blog.

February 2009  I started as a regular food columnist for South Africa’s hugely popular Food24 website – check out my column ever two weeks!

February 2009 CookSister was listed among 50 Of the World’s Best Food Blogs in a Times Online article.

February 2009 In a different article, CookSister was named (at number one!) as one of the Top Ten Food Blogs for the Home Cook by the Times Online.

January 2009 My article on Swiss wines appeared in the Winter 2008 issue of on-line magazine WE Magazine for Women (see p. 43)


December 2008 My article on how to cover South Africa’s Garden Route in a week, together with my photos, appeared in the December issue of Galavanting online magazine.

November 2008 I was commissioned by a publisher to write a number of short food-related pieces for inclusion in a coffee table book Food Journeys of a lifetime, published by National Geographic and due for release in October 2009. 

October 2008 I was named as one of the Top Ten Food Blogs from around the world by All About You.

July 2008  My article on cachacas, the Brazilian spirit that forms the base of caipirinha cocktails, appeared in the Summer 2008 issue of online publication We Magazine for Women (see p. 43).

July 2008 I was invited, along with five other South African female bloggers, to participate in the Can You Twist short story competition (part of one of South Africa’s first guerilla marketing campaigns) – read my story here.

July 2008 The award-winning Woolworths Taste magazine printed a small piece in their August 2008 issue selecting their top five South African food bloggers, and CookSister featured as one of the five.

July 2008 A picture that I took for my post on SA favourite Peppermint Crisp fridge tart was used by New Moon Magazine to illustrate an article in their July/August 2008 issue.  

June 2008 I reviewed a London restaurant for the “Pro vs Punter” feature in the BBC’s Olive magazine, and my picture and review appear the July 2008 issue.

June 2008 CookSister! was named as one of the world’s top 100 foodblogs by FoodVu.

11 June 2008 CookSister was featured in an article in her hometown newspaper, the Eastern Province Herald, dealing with winning two categories in the recent South African Blog Awards 2008.  Here’s the article and the original picture (which didn’t come out so well in the scan).

April 2008 My article on carbon-neutral wine from the Backsberg estate in South Africa appeared in the Spring 2008 Earth Day issue of online publication We Magazine for Women (see p. 54).

April 2008 I was asked to make and review a recipe for individual macaroni cheese pots for the BBC’s Olive magazine, April 2008 edition.  It’s not a long piece, but both my text and picture appear in the magazine.

3 April 2008 CookSister was a finalist and ultimately a winner in two categories of the 2008 South African Blog Awards – Best South African Food Blog and Best Overseas South African Blog.

March 2008 A piece that I blogged a while back and subsequently tidied up and updated was published in the Winter 2007/2008 issue of online publication We Magazine for Women (see p.57).  Apart from the article (on South African red wines), there’s also a short bio of me and a photo.

9 February 2008 I was interviewed (together with Andrew and Fraser) by Chris Valance from the BBC’s 5Live.  Click here to listen to the podcast of the full programme.


November 2007 CookSister was a finalist in the Best Food Blog: Writing category of the international 2007 Food Blog Awards.

14 Aug 2007  CookSister was the Typepad Featured Blog and was featured for 24 hours on the Typepad homepage.

March 2007 CookSister was was a finalist and runner-up in two categories of the 2007 South African Blog Awards  – Best Food Blog and Best Overseas Blog. 

A number of my posts have been picked up by and featured on the Guardian Word of Mouth Blog favourites, including Nigel Slater’s slow-roasted lamb, the Waiter, There’s Something in my… Topless Tart! announcement; the Menu for Hope 2007 announcement; roast duck with potatoes and pancetta; and Aunt Dulcies’ tomato and marmalade soup.


July 2006 I was interviewed live on Regatta Radio at the Henley Royal Regatta.  The radio station had contacted me after they had read about our food blogger picnic that takes place at the regatta every summer.  Sadly, though, they never sent me the promised link to an mpeg of the interview :(

23 June 2006  A quote from my review of The Fat Duck made was used on the Guardian News Blog in a piece called Making a meal of it.

March 2006  CookSister was the winner in the Best Food Blog category of the 2006 South African Blog Awards.

January 2006 I was interviewed (alongside Jarrett, Tim, Clotilde and Anne) by the Wall Street Journal Europe for an article that was published on 7 January 2006.  No pictures but lots of verbatim quotes from yours truly!  Read the full article here.

January 2006 CookSister was featured as one of the Top Five Blogs in the January 2006 issue of the BBC’s Olive Magazine

My brother texted me in a great state of excitement to say that I had been mentioned in the South African Woman and Home magazine as a great source of recipes and beautiful food pictures online.

A friend and fellow-blogger let me know that on a flight to Namibia he was flicking through Skyways (the SA Airlink in-flight magazine) and came across an article on the blogging revolution where CookSister was mentioned as one of South Africa’s top blogs.  Here are both pages of the article.


March 2005  CookSister was was a winner in two categories of the inaugural 2005 South African Blog Awards – Best Food Blog and Best Overseas Blog, as well as being a runner-up in the Best New Blog category.

June 2005  Three pieces from CookSister were included in the Digital Dish (ISBN-10: 1933249005), a book  bringing together some of the best food writing from the Web that year.

October 2005 Australian paper The Age ran an article mentioning a host of wonderful food bloggers – but they ended on a high note with a long quote from me, drawn from one of my quirkier End of Month Egg on Toast Extravaganza posts. Here’s the full article.

July 2005 CookSister gets a mention in the inaugural issue of Australian publication Spice Magazine, as the home of the End of Month Egg on Toast Extravaganza.