Nominations now open for the 2008 South African Blog Awards


With the ongoing Hollywood scriptwriters’ strike already having caused the cancellation of the Golden Globes and the Oscars in the balance, you can’t bank on these Johnny-foreigner awards ceremonies to provide entertainment any more.  No, far better to rely on local colour for your adrenaline-packed envelope openings.  And what could be more adrenaline-filled and testosterone-fuelled that the South African Blog Awards? Yup, it’s time once again for the mutual ego-stroking that is the awards process.  Hey, nobody’s going to stroke yours if you can’t even be bothered to stroke it yourself!

And there’s something for all tastes to stroke.  The quality and diversity of South African blogs continues to improve year after year.  Despite “load shedding” (read “disasterous unnanounced power cuts due to general incompetence and shortsightedness of Eskom”), it appears the South African blogging community is not only surviving but thriving.  And what better way to cheer yourselves while waiting for the power to come back on than to check out some excellent local blogging talent.  Just make sure your laptop is charged up…

Apart from my own beloved Cooksister!, here is a selection of other possible nominees for your perusal before you plunge headlong into the nominations process.  (Alternatively check the rather list of SA blogs, the Technorati list or the Blogflux list):

Apparently Nothing

Aquila Online

Charlotte’s Web



Constitutionally Speaking (for constitutional law geeks like me!)

The Cru

The Fishbowl

Food & Family

Gluten-free South Africa


Marita Says

My French Kitchen

Port Elizabeth Daily Photo

SA Rocks

Stormhoek Wines

Vanielje Kitchen


Once you’ve had a browse and decided who you like, head on over to the  2008 SA Blogh Awards site, read the small print and get nominating.  In short, the important rules are:

  • Only ONE nomination per person is allowed, so do give some thought to your nominations. Send a second sheet and your first will be cancelled.
  • You MUST nominate at least three different blogs (so not just Cooksister three times!) – see helpful list above.
  • You will need to provide the URL of each nomination and a reason for your nomination.
  • You MUST provide a name and valid e-mail address in order to nominate.

Nominations are open until Friday 22 February 2008, after which the 10 blogs with the most nominations in each category (taking into account their relevance to the category in which they  have been nominated) will go through to the finals.  Final voting will be open to the public from Monday 3 March 2008 till midnight Friday 14 March 2008.  During the final voting stage, you will be able to cast your vote on the 2008 Awards website and a panel of bloggers and “celebrity judges” will also judge the nominated blogs in each category.  Their and your votes will be tallied and the top blogs resulting from this in each category will be announced as winners on 3 April.

May the best blogs win :)

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  1. says

    Thanks for alerting me to these, Jeanne. I got into it all last year and it looks like they’ve improved things this year with more interesting categories too. I’m going to have to read up on some more of your list to get some ideas, though needless to say I can find several categories where Cooksister is the obvious choice!
    Btw thanks so much for diligently reading through my last lot of posts and commenting on every one! I was sitting at the computer and could see the comments popping up on my email as you went! What can I say – I love comments!

  2. says

    Wow, thanks for the link. i actually went across and voted for you before seeing this post. Rats, didn’t realise I couldn’t go back and add more, or i would have taken my time, there are a few i wanted to include. Oh well, next year!