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Yesterday I was ready to pack it all in.  My husband is complaining that he never sees me (actual quote: "please promise you won’t do any more event round-ups – I miss you!").  I am complaining that the lack of sleep from all this NaBloPoMoWTSIMMenuForHope-ing is making me look like a haggard old bag.  My friends are complaining that I never e-mail them any more. 

And then… I had a magical little e-mail from Cate over at the Well-Fed Network to say that nominations had been received and counted (huh?!  Missed that whole process as I was wrapped up in WTSIM/Menu) and finalists had been announced for the 2007 Food Blog Awards.

And I am one of the 5 finalists for Best Food Blog – Writing category!!  Woo hooooo!

I am hugely honoured but also thrilled to see many of my friends among the nominees in the various categories – like Pille, Susan, Ilva, David, Shuna and Sam & Krista.  Do have a look at all the categories – there are some gems there.

And then go back to the best writing category and… vote for me! Voting is only open until this Friday 14 December, so you only have 4 days to get your votes in. 

And in other news…

Menu for Hope IV update – the raffle tickets are selling nicely, thank you, and the total after only two days stands at $7,360!  If sales continue at this rate, we will easily beat our record from last year so keep on buying tickets and promoting the campaign on your blogs, please!  Pim has shared some fantastic pictures taken by schoolkids in Lesotho who will benefit from the school feeding scheme that is the beneficiary of Menu for Hope this year.  The pictures give you a good idea of how beautiful and rural the country is, and the living conditions of the schoolkids. 

And get buying, people!  There are still loads of UK prizes that have not received a single bid!  You play the Lotto, right?  And your chances of winning are somewhat similar to your chances of being struck by lightning?  Well why not spend $10 (or £5) on a raffle ticket where you have an almost 100% chance of winning!  Attend one of Jennifer’s fab cooking classes ; have Antonia guide you and 7 friends through a tutored wine tasting in your own home; gorge yourself on Xochitl’s fabulous Mexican goodies; have a meal at the excellent 1802 restaurant (soon to be reviewed on CookSister!); or make an authentic Nigerian egusi stew using Sokari’s recipe and spices.

What are you waiting for?

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    Natch I’ve voted for you – but I was scrupulously fair and read the other blogs which have been nominated as well – but you are the best writer by far in my not so humble opinion.

  2. says

    Well done you, you certainly deserve to be nominated, good luck! I think with Menu For Hope, a few souls hold out for the last days to work out which prize they have the best chance of winning with. If I was there, I would be bidding for Xochitl’s Mexican goodies, we had a fine Mexican feast last night and M even says how much she likes the food (chilli less, of course), today she called pierogies that D was making, taco pierogies!!!