WTSIM – only 2 days to get that cake baked…


Wtsim_oct_button_red_smallNot to rush you or anything – in fact, far from it.  I haven’t even made my own contribution yet!  But I thought a gentle reminder was in order that the deadline for this month’s Waiter, there’s something in my… event is this Sunday, 28 October

The event is being hosted by my co-conspirator Andrew over at SpitoonExtra and he has chosen layer cakes as the theme – head on over to his blog to see how to enter.  If, like me, you are an infrequent baker and stuck for inspiration or recipes, do yourself a favour and take a peek at what’s available in this department over at Epicurious.  If you can’t find a layer cake you like amongst those, you’re just being picky ūüėČ

Now my mouth is watering, waiting for the round-up…  Hope to see you there!

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