Oktoberfest, honey and savoury preserves

Contrary to what the enigmatic of this post may suggest, we haven’t devised some new and super-esoteric blog event.  The "Does my burning sugar-high honey look good at Oktoberfest with savoury preserves, waiter" extravaganza?  Anybody?  Anybody??

Naaah, it’s just me being lazy and fitting three smaller snippets into one post without devising a snappy title.


Firstly, in case you hadn’t noticed, September is marching on and that can mean only one thing…  Oktoberfest is approaching!  Many people all over the world will be celebrating this traditional German event – I know that the Port Elizabeth German club always puts on a big show that I religiously attended as a student.  But this year we will once again be attending the Big Daddy of all the fests:  Munich Oktoberfest.  If there are any of you out there who plan to attend this enormous festival between 22 September and 7 October this year, have a look at my Oktoberfest essential survival tips, developed after a number of years spent in the tents.  And for those of a more voyeuristic bent, here are my 2004 and 2006 diaries of the Fest so that you cen read what we got up to.  Prost!


Secondly, a long time ago (June?) I proposed to have a honey tasting at my house in the late summer and then promptly forgot abotu it until the date I had set was practicalyl upon us.  Eeek!  One slight reschedule later and we are now having a honey tasting at my place in East London in Saturday 22 September, from about 1pm.  We already have about 6 bloggers attending and between us we have honey from Austria, Spain, Morocco, Italy, England, Belgium and more.  It should be an interesting afternoon.  If you would like to join us, hurry as space is limited.  Drop me an e-mail and I can send you further details. 


And thirdly, the lovely Johanna (my co-conspirator together with Andrew in the creation of Waiter, there’s something in my… ) will be hosting WTSIM this month.  In the spirit of waning "summer" and approaching autumn, she has decreed the theme to be savoury preserves.  So abandon all ideas of fruity jams – think savoury!  Johanna defines preserves as anything preserved in liquid – whether it be brine, vinegar, oil or whatever.  Go and have a look at her announcement post for details and make sure you get your entry in by 28 September.

That should be enough to keep us all out of mischief for a while…

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  1. says

    Hhmmm. I think you’ve also got some honey from Estonia (unless our dear friend Johanna has eaten it already – which would be perfectly fine, as I gave the honey to her back in April – for a soon-to-happen honey tasting:)

  2. says

    Ooops – yes, of course you are right! I knew I was forgetting something as I was writing the post… Johanna does indeed still have the Estonian honey ans it will most definitely be featured at our tasting. Just a pity YOU can’t be joining us :(

  3. says

    We went to Oktoberfest years ago (well, not that many) and it was a blast.. Have a great time ..and some chicken for me…
    Honey tasting – I’m tempted… I bit far, though…