August 2007

Interviewed by Ilva

August 7, 2007

Another week, another meme!  This one has actually been around for a while but between my and Ilva‘s hectic schedules she only recently managed to send me the questions, and I have only just managed to answer!  The idea is that you volunteer to be interviewed – which I did, and so the lovely Ilva […]

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Bacon-wrapped venison loin on the braai

August 3, 2007

Recent readers of this blog will know that I have been deeply unimpressed with the weather around here lately.  Summer?  You call this summer??  All we’ve had is the wettest July since records began, or words to that effect.  We’ve had thunder, hail, severe flooding – you name it!  See why I’ve been moaning?  But […]

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USA, Day 7/8: Scallops in Stonington, CT

August 1, 2007

After a lovely relaxing day of being "leaf peepers" around the Westport area, we were sad to leave but at the same time I was greatly looking forward to our next destination:  Stonington, Connecticut.  It’s an easy drive up from Westport and by mid-morning we were there, knocking on the door of Nancyanne’s house.  Nancyanne […]

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