Waiter, there’s something in my… sauce!


Wtsim_jul_button_red_smallOoooh, who’s getting saucy then?  I do believe it’s WTSIM co-founder Andrew over at SpittoonExtra.

Yes folks, your favourite monthly food blogging event is back – and what a great “sauce” of joy it is to you all, no doubt.  Waiter, there’s something in my… was born at the start of this year and continues to go from strength to strength, with such diverse themes as stews, pies, Easter, bread, stuffed fruit/veg and filled dumplings.  Together with Andrew and Johanna, my original idea was to keep the themes broad, allowing for people to interpret them as they wish – seasonally, regionally, childhood favourites – whatever takes your fancy as long as you adhere to the host’s rules.

Your charming host this month is… Andrew and he has decreed the theme to be sauces. Couldn’t really get broader than that, could you!?  The only little requirement that he has is NO GRAVY (I take this to mean nothing made from the liquid remaining after you have cooked a roast? Andrew??).  That aside, he has left you as much leeway as you could wish for.  Rekindle childhood memories with applesauce.  Come over all haute cuisine with a beurre blanc.  Take us on an ethnic journey with your grandma’s salsa verde, or your auntie’s sweet and sour sauce, or your godfather’s mango chutney.  Or go for the popular hits like green peppercorn sauce, cheese sauce, chocolate sauce or butterscotch sauce.

Really – the world is your oyster (with maybe a dash of Tabasco sauce?!).

Andrew has all the details of how to enter over on his announcement post.  The only thing to bear in mind is that he has us working to a tight schedule:  entries have to be in by 25 July.  So best you find some sauce of inspiration (ho ho!) and get going.

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    To me, a sauce is on the thicker side compared to a gravy. Gravy being on the watery side. Sauces are a lttle more involved. I dunno, your description is more apt perhaps…

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    Random comment from random stumbler: I found your site while attempting some Googling to find out if the Waitrose food magazine had any grounds at all for declaring koeksusters to be made from, good grief, potatoes.
    Alas no help here – but you might like to pick up the magazine anyway, it’s an SA special. And if you can shed any light on the mysterious potato doughnuts that look like vetkoek and are being missold as koeksusters… please email!