Waiter, there’s something in my… dumpling!


Wtsim_jun_button_red_smallNo, really, waiter – there is something in my dumpling!  But it’s not my fault – Johanna made me do it!

Yes folks, your favourite monthly foodblogging event, WTSIM, is back and this time the hosting is in the capable hands of The Passionate Cook.  Now you may think we just leap out of bed in the morning and decide on the theme for the month, but let me assure you there is a lot of discussion and agonising that goes on behind the scenes.  Is the theme too complicated?  Too simple?  Too summery?  Too wintery?  Too boring?  Too terrifying??  Nothing about food blogging events is ever straightforward 😉  And this month Johanna even managed to surprise her co-hosts.

When I think of dumplings, my mind wanders naturally over to souskluitjies, a wonderful South African dessert of sweet cinnamon dumplings in syrup. But Johanna doesn’t have just any old piece of steamed/boiled dough in mind – she is after filled dumplings!  Panic!  But after a few deep breaths I started to think about the possibilities… Dinky dim sum!  Perfect pierogi!  Sumptuous summer fruit dumplings! Woo hoo!

So your only problem now is to decide what to make from this smorgasbord of choice.  And while you’re thinking, head on over to Johanna’s blog to see how to participate – and I’ll see you all at the roundup shortly after 30 June.

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