Waiter, there’s something in my… stuffed fruit/vegetables!


Wtsim_may_button_red_small Step up, step up folks!  It’s time for a brand new edition of WTSIM, everybody’s favourite monthly foodblogger event.  So far we’ve had stews, pies, breads and an Easter basket – what could we have come up with this month?  Well, trust me when I say that a lot of thought and agonising went into the choice.  After April’s fabulous weather, we were pretty sure that we could pick a nice summery theme, what with the southern hemisphere still at the tail end of summer and the north basking in spring.  Hah.  May has been exactly like last year – cold and damp.  So much for our happy summery thoughts.  Time for Plan B.

When I was at school and studying Latin, we used to have an annual Roman dinner, and the starters always included the terribly amusingly named ova farta – nothing more exciting than stuffed eggs.  But the name amused us endlessly (hey, we were an all-girls’ school and we didn’t get out much ;-))  Maybe that’s where my love affair with stuffed dishes began, and the easiest things to stuff are fruit and vegetables.  Maybe it was my recent post about the good old days in Latin class that jogged my memory and made this particular bubble rise to the surface – I don’t know.  But when it came to a quick change of theme for this month’s WTSIM, that’s what I homed in on.

For anybody who only recently joined the blogsphere and is wondering what on earth I’m talking about, Waiter, There’s Something in My… is a monthly on-line food event hosted in rotation by Johanna of The Passionate Cook, Andrew of Spittoon and me (here’s a handy guide to previous WTSIM editions).  Each month we provide a very broad theme and ask you to send us your interpretation:  something seasonal, something regional to the area where you are, something you remember from childhood… the choice is yours.  And this month, your theme is stuffed fruit or vegetables.  Want to scoop the insides out of a cherry tomato and fill it with pate?  Have you always had a yen to make baked apples stuffed with dried fruit?  Maybe an aubergine with its flesh scooped out and mixed with couscous takes your fancy?  You’ve come to the right place!  Sweet or savoury, the choice is once again yours – but the fruit or vegetable must be stuffed, not merely coated with a topping or sauce. 

So – how do you go about entering?  Here are the rules:

1. Write up your stuffed fruit or vegeteable dish on your blog, remembering to include a link back to this announcement in your post.

2.  E-mail me.  Please make sure that Waiter there’s something in my features in the subject line.

3. In the e-mail please include:

  • the URL of your entry
  • your blog’s name
  • the name of the dish
  • your approximate location

4.  The deadline for entries is Tuesday 29 May and I hope to have the roundup posted by the end of that week.

5.  When the roundup is posted, please also include a link to that in your post.

So – no time to waste.  Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines stuff your eggplants!

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  1. says

    Well, it’s about time! 😉 I was beginning to despair that WTSIM… had ended prematurely.
    Stuffed vegetables/fruits, eh? And the deadline is only a few days away? Hmmm, I’ll have to put my thinking cap on for this!! I don’t think I’ve EVER stuffed vegetables or fruit! (I guess you won’t accept manicotti as a kind of fruit, will you?)

  2. spittoonextra says

    Waiter Round 5 – Stuffed Vegetables or Fruit

    Jeanne is the host for the next round of Waiter There’s Something In My… and has selected ‘stuffed fruit/vegetables’ as the theme. This is going to stretch my limited culinary skills as the only thing I think I have stuffed…

  3. says

    Waiter, theres something in my stuffed fruit/vegetables!

    hosted by Jeanne at Cook Sister!
    Each month we provide a very broad theme and ask you to send us your interpretation:
    something seasonal, something regional to the area where you are, something you remember from childhood the choice is yours….

  4. says

    What?! You’re telling us to get stuffed?! Jeanne! How rude!!
    Oh..oh sorry! My mistake *blush* you mean you want us to stuff our veges, well that’s ok then 😉
    I’m sure I can manage that, hehe
    Yes, don’t mind me! I’m high on life today, hehe

  5. says

    I think you may have had hearing trouble in school… ova “ferta” surely (from “fercire”, as in “farcie”)? What the heck, Give me a few days and I’ll find something to stuff. However you spell it.

  6. says

    Hi Elizabeth
    Erm… have you forgotten that you are dealing with the erstwhile hostess of EoMEoTE here, the queen of tardiness?! :o) And you have a whole *fourteen* days from announcement to posting – that’s a generous two weeks! And I think you’ll find manicotti is a leeeeetle too far removed from its vegetable roots to qualify – sorry! Can’t wait to see that you come up with…
    Hi Bron
    Oh, you don’t know the hours I agnoised over that announcement… It is kind of like the joke that writes itself, isn’t it!! But in the end, for the sake of the children, I kept it clean. High on life is a good place to be – you just keep it up :)
    Hi Trig
    Au contraire, young man. Farta has “farcio farcire farsi fartum [to fill full , stuff full]” as its root. My hearing (like my Latin vocab) is spot on 😉

  7. says

    Well rats. If manicotti is too far removed then I suppose today’s post about stuffed banana muffins won’t qualify either.
    For regular people, it’s a “whole *fourteen* days” but for the likes of me, it’s “EEK!! only 2 weeks!!!”
    -Elizabeth, last minute laggard

  8. astrid says

    I do agree with Elizabeth: it is EEEK! only two weeks! indeed. :o)
    Interesting theme as always and great announcement post as well.
    — Astrid

  9. one of EJM's several sisters says

    I only know about Cook Sister, the EoMEoTE, and WTSIM from my sister EJM’s forum, so I thought I’d take a look at yours. Don’t know why, but I keep wondering what happened to the EoMEoTE… but perhaps this is revealed elsewhere on the cooksister blog. I could see that EoT variations could possibly be more limited than WTSIM… I will not be contributing to the stuffing but will likely watch the results and drool!

  10. says

    WTSIM #5: Bulgur stuffed courgettes

    The 4thedition of the “Waiter, there’s something in my…” event is hosted by Cooksister. All cooks are called to stuff fruit or vegetables. I stuffed courgettes with with bulgur wheat and minced lamb and cooked it in a slow cooker while I was working….

  11. Deborah Dowd says

    AT first I couldn’t think of anything (age!), but I know exatly what I am going to post! Now I need to get cooking (actually my recipe needs very little cooking to be consistent with the hot humid Hampton Roads summer!) See ya before the 29th!

  12. spittoonextra says

    Waiter There’s Something In My… Stuffed Melon

    Simplicity itself really – a scooped out Galia melon stuffed with lychee’s, strawberries, cantaloupe melon and the Galia. Drizzled over the top is a little syrup made by reducing melon juice, a dash of vanilla essence and some fresh gogi…

  13. says

    The 5thedition of the “Waiter, there’s something in my…” event is hosted by Cooksister. All cooks are called to stuff fruit or vegetables. I stuffed courgettes with with bulgur wheat and minced lamb and cooked it in a slow cooker while I was working. Back home I could enjoy it with my son, who arrived on time from school.Remove the end with the blossom and a small “lid”. Using apple corer or small potatoe peeler and working from hollow out each zucchini, removing all seeds and leaving shells.
    The recipe is simple: Mix minced meat with garlic, onion, tomatoe puree, pepper puree and paprika powder until smooth. Add bulgur wheat and at least the olive oil. Stuff the courgettes with the mixture and close with the “lid”. Fix the lid with a wooden toothpick. Give the courgettes into the slow cooker and add about 200 ml water and cook for about 6 h on low. At the end of cooking pour lemon juice over the courgettes. Serve the courgettes with the lemon and cooking liquor.