Four fabulous African ladies – and the SA blog awards results

Apart from my obsession with interest in all things edible, my other on-line interest is finding other blogging Southern Africans – particularly those who blog from abroad.  I find that there are particular perspectives that you really only acquire when you live away from your friends, family and culture and I find myself gravitating naturally towards other expats (of all nationalities) both on and off-line.  Although you gain much by living abroad – the ability to integrate into a new culture, possibly learning a new language, getting to know famous landmarks like old friends, broadening your culinary and travel horizons – you also lose the easy understanding that exists between a person and their native culture, family and oldest friends.  And chatting to people who have experienced the same gain and the same loss makes you feel comforted in the knowledge that you are not the only one struggling with the issues that sometimes seem overwhelming. 

So in my search, I have recently come across four new blogs – three expats and one foodie in South Africa and I’m sure you’ll enjoy them too:

  • First up we have have Herschelian who blogs at The 3 Rs – Reading, Ranting & Recipes.  As her online name suggests (it refers to a well-known school), she hails from Cape Town and now lives in London.  Her blog has a great format – each post is divided into a bit on what she’s reading, a rant about what’s bothering her, and a recipe.  Very amusing!
  • Charlotte is a South African transplanted to Germany who blogs at Charlotte’s Web.  She writes absolutely beautifully and very eloquently about the tremendously varied books she is reading, her family and about her love for cooking.  I feel inspired by everything I read on her blog, but was particularly taken with this wonderful quote:

"How then is being an immigrant the inheritance of loss? You lose family and you lose love. You lose the immediacy of a culture that you understand and that accepts you. You lose physical access to places and to people. And this reduced state is what you pass on to the next generation, but you try to make it up for them by baking cheesecake and having the grandparents come to stay for very long visits. And loving them."

  • Ashleigh who blogs at Stitched in Holland.  Originally from Zimbabwe, Ash has also lived in South Africa, England and now, Holland.  On her blog she keeps us updated on her life in a foreign country, her needlework, her garden and her great recipes.
  • And last but not least we have Kit who is an expat in the opposite direction – she moved to Cape Town from England and now blogs at Food and Family.  She writes beautifully about the highlights and lowlights of life at the Southern tip of Africa, and shares some fantastic recipes.

Do go and check them all out – they are four additions that any blogroll woudl be proud of.

And as mentioned previously on Cooksister!, the winners in this year’s South African Blog Awards (already the the third!) were announced at the usual glittering ceremony in Johannesburg on Friday 30 March (pics courtesy of Aquila).  After being nominated in two categories, I am chuffed to announce that I was the runner-up in the Best South African Food Blog category, and came a respectable fourth in the Best South African Overseas Blog.  Thankyouthankyouthankyou to all of you who took the time to nominate and vote for me :-)  and hearty congratulations to Sophia Lindop and The Hollywood Reporter who won in the abovementioned categories. 

Oh yes – and happy Easter everyone!

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  1. says

    Thanks for including me in your list – your blog is one of my favourite discoveries from the SA Blog Awards – I definitely voted for you. I also enjoy the expat take on things, my blog roll seems to be made up of a lot of them – it’s a whole new community, a great support to have friends who understand the nuances – not good or bad just different – of living in a different country and having children growing up in a different culture to yours.
    I savoured your meal at the Manoir Quat Saisons – I never ate there but have read about in – just as often in novels as in reviews, it was great to see the sculptural creations and wonder just how many people go into preparing each one.

  2. herschelian says

    Wow, what an honour to be included in such august company! I had already discovered Charlotte, Ash and Kit and read their blogs avidly. They all write so wonderfully. The only downside to reading them is that it sometimes makes me feel rather old – they all have young families and my lot are grown-up now!

  3. says

    Hi Ash
    No, no, no – it’s me who should feel honoured to have you as a loyal reader ūüėČ Thanks!
    Hi Kit
    Likewise – you are my favourite blog awards discovery this year! It’s so interesting how the expat issues are often the same, regardless of which country you move to/from. One of the other bloggers I mention in the post, Charlotte, reviewed “The Inheritance of Loss” by Kiran Desai – shoudl be required reading for every expat. DO read it if you have a chance.
    Hi Herschelian
    You fit right in with this company as far as I can see! And the great thing about the Web is that as far as your readers are concerned, you’re only as old (or young) as the blog persona you choose to inhabit ūüėČ

  4. says

    Thanks so much for the link, Jeanne. Finding your blog was the highlight of this year’s SA Blog Award for me. I love how it makes me think of, remember and taste the food of my childhood.

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