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Img_8441_2Well, whaddaya know.  Not only am I back in one piece with all limbs still in good working order – I also learned to ski!  And I loved it! I feel slightly embarrassed now about how I predicted a ghastly holiday but there you go – further proof that if you expect the worst, you can only ever be pleasantly surprised 😉  We spent a night in Toulouse (where we had a rather fabulous meal that I will soon blog about) and then 7 nights in Soldeu, Andorra – diary of a reluctant skier to follow shortly.

But for now, I thought I’d just ease gently back into blogging and do a quick roundup of things you might have missed while I was gone and share some general link love.

Most importantly, of course, is Johanna’s announcement of Waiter, there’s something in my… Easter basket!  Never mind the title – the theme is far broader than easter.  We want you to share with us your seasonal foodie traditions, whether they be Pesach, LihavĂ”tted, an equinox celebration or any other way that you choose to celebrate this lovely time of year.  And as the deadline is on 28 March, we will all have a host of good ideas in advance of our celebrations!

And only fractionally less important, a big thank you to all those who took the time to vote for me in the 3rd South African Blog Awards, where I was nominated for Best SA Food Blog and Best SA Overseas Blog.  The voting has now closed and we eagerly await the results at the end of this month.  Watch this space…

Over at SpittoonExtra, Andrew has teamed up with Hotel Chocolat to host a competition where you stand a chance of winning a luxury chocolate hamper valued at ÂŁ50.  Just answer 6 easy questions (all with copious hints from Andrew!) and submit your entry.  Easy peasy!

The lovely Sam has declared war on the idea that English cuisine is a bad joke and to showcase just how good English food can be, she’s hosting Fish & Quips in celebration of St George’s day, the national day of England on 23 April. Check out your favourite English chefs, make your favourite English dish – just make sure you join in with this celebration of all things English.  And check out Sam’s site for instructions on how you can all host the roundup!

Bron had me drooling with her gingernut and kiwi fruit cheesecake, David learnt how to make the perfect espresso at Illy’s Universita del Caffe – and to go with that, how about a slice of Lyn’s wonderful lemon cake?  Ilva takes adorableness to new extremes with her farro and poppyseed mini muffins (and the usual gorgeous photos), and if you want to see beautiful photographic evidence that spring has sprung, check out Matt’s fantastic photos.  Ros outdid herself with mustard and apricot glazed wild boar (oh my!), Silverbrow paid a visit to the Fat Duck, and Fahara made real winter comfort food – sausages with lentils. Anne took time off from playing with her adorable kittens and made wonderful-sounding roasted cauliflower soup, I-Ling finally managed to do the Butterfly Effect meme for which I tagged her, and Pille made a feta and red onion tart that had me drooling on my keyboard.  And, as always, Keiko’s photos of a spring lunch at Petersham Nurseries leave me utterly in awe.

So that’s a quick roundup of the highlights I missed – now that we’re all caught up I can get back to some serious blogging!  See you soon…

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  1. says

    I was wondering how you and skiing were getting along!! So pleased to hear that you enjoyed the trip – sounds like two foodbloggers fell in love with Alpine skiing this year:)
    PS That feta and red onion pie is great – do try it!!!

  2. says

    20 years ago i was a reluctant skier too. And I love it too, although I have since switched to snowboarding which i love even more. glad you had a good time – all that excercise – a great excuse for fondu, non?
    Thanks for mentioning fish & quips.
    Now I have to go work out when easter is…

  3. Ros says

    I am very glad you enjoyed your ski-trip. My first and only one was horrendous. After falling over numerous times and ending up head first down a hole in the snow, I twisted my ankle after only 4 hours of being there! Then again I never was the sporty type!
    Thanks very much for mentioning my Wild Boar post!

  4. says

    Toulouse!! Does that mean what I think it does?
    I can’t wait to hear about the cassoulet! Even if it was made with lamb.