Waiter, waiter, there’s something in my… stew!


Wtsim_button_red_largeWell, I’m back!  A little more tanned, maybe a little heavier (!), but definitely more relaxed.  You could even say I’m ready to start the new year.  I resolved this year NOT to make New Year’s resolutions (seeing as this only increases your sense of failure when it all comes crashing down on about 10 January ;-)), but on a very manageable scale I do want to try and get to work earlier and leave earlier so that I actually have an evening; I want to get round to cooking something out of each cookbook on my shelf; and I want to bake more.  There – not so much resolutions as statements of intent.

One commitment that I have made for 2007 is to launch (together with Johanna and Andrew) the brand new food blogging event Waiter, there’s something in my…  And that event has just taken its first little baby steps in that Andrew has announced the first theme.  Stews!  I have to say that flying from the Southern hemisphere summer to the Northern hemisphere winter in the space of about 12 hours is probably the most depressing thing you can do.  All that darkness, all that cold… But the one thing that hugely softens the blow is the prospect of winter comfort eating, and for me that means stews. 

So whether you want to wow us with your Nonna’s osso bucco, or your grand-mère’s  cassoulet; maybe waterzooi is big in your neck of the woods, or maybe gumbo is more your style.  And if you’re lucky enough to be in sunny South Africa, light the fire and get the potjiekos going.  But whatever you do, please do join us and post your favourite version of the humble stew by Monday 22 January.  Then send a link to your post to Andrew over at SpittoonExtra and sit back and wait for the roundup.

What’s the collective noun for a bunch of stews?  I guess we’ll find out after the 22nd 😉

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  1. says

    I wanted to make a culinary resolution or 2, and I like yours to make something from each of your cookbooks. I’ve been feeling a little guilty about having all these great cookbooks, and ignoring them. Maybe I’ll blindfold myself and pick one at random.

  2. says

    Speaking of new year resolutions, you forgot to mention that you are going to try and drink as many wonderful South African wines that you can get your hands on over there!
    There simply is nothing better than spending a whole day, while camping in the African bush, preparing a potjiekos! Tell me do they sell the classic potjie pots over there?
    a steam of stews.

  3. Viv says

    Don’t feel too bad about being back in the bleak midwinter – Durban was miserable on Sunday. What did I make for supper? Ha! You guessed it. Stew.

  4. says

    Neil might be right about “slew of stews” but I was thinking “wallow of stews”.
    Great new event idea! I hope I can get it together to join in (maybe I’ll find something in the disgraceful amount of unpublished things from our December excesses)
    New year’s resolutions? We don’t need no stinkin’ new year’s resolutions!
    P.S. I’m very fond of making (and breaking) resolutions at any time of year….