Win a canapé party for you and your friends!


MenuforhopecanapelargePicture the scene: a summery evening with the sun just touching the horizon; a collection of your nearest and dearest friends, all immaculately dressed; the sound of clinking champagne glasses and tinkling laughter; plate after plate of exquisite and expertly-prepared and beautifully plated canapés being carried out of the kitchen and served to your guests.

A fantasy? No – in fact, this could be your house this summer! And the source of those exquisite canapés could be two award-winning bloggers working away in your very own kitchen! For the price of a $10 raffle ticket in the Menu for Hope III campaign, one lucky winner will get the opportunity of having Johanna (The Passionate Cook) and me, the CookSister!, catering a canapé party in London for them and their closest friends!

Included in the prize is our catering skills for the duration of the party, at least 12 canapés per head for each guest (up to 20 guests), and all serving equipment (platters, skewers, garnishes, trays, etc.). What will be extra will be the cost of the ingredients – after consulting the winner and deciding on which canapés to serve, we will do the grocery shopping, prepare and serve the food – and do the washing up! It’s like having a visit from the canapé fairies 😉  All that the winner will need to do is pay for the groceries and arrange a date with us in June, early July or after 1 September 2007, subject to our availability – we will do our best to meet your needs.  Please e-mail me (jeanne [AT] 501 [DOT] co [DOT] za) to discuss dates and availability before you bid, to avoid disappointment. 

And then you put on your party frock and leave the rest to us.  That’s not bad for $10! So what are you waiting for?  Click here to buy your tickets and remember to mention prize code EU27 in the "personal message" section.  You can place your bids from now to 22 December and the winners will be announced on Chez Pim on 15 January.

Good luck!

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