Well Fed Network 2006 food blog awards


Foodblogawardslogo I’ve been so busy with Menu for Hope (keep on bidding people – we are hot on the heels of last year’s total and there’s still 8 days to go!) that I hadn’t noticed the Well Fed Network’s announcement of the 2006 Food Blog Awards (thanks Andrew for the heads-up!).

Once again it’s time to nominate your favourite blogs in categories ranging from Best Writing, Best Restaurant Reviews, Best Photography, Best City Blog, Best Post, Best New Blog and Best Overall Blog.  I have my favourites and have put in a couple of nominations – and will probably come up with a couple more before the deadline at midnight EST on Friday 15th December (about 8 a.m. on Saturday morning GMT).  This is a great opportunity to pay tribute to the sites and posts that have most inspired, amused or infuriated you over the year, as well as a chance to discover new siter – just scroll down the nominations to see a host of new names!

And just to refresh your memory, here is my personal list of "Greatest Hits of 2006" from CookSister:

Once the nominations close, a panel of judges will receive the list of nominated sites on Monday, December 18 and will have until the 22nd to come up with their top 5 sites for each category.  The top 5 nominees will be posted on the Well Fed Network on December 23, and then it’s over to you, the public, to vote until the end of the month.  Winners will be announced on 5 January 2007.

So off you go – exercise your democratic right to nominate!

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