“Waiter, there’s something in my…”

Don’t you love a new year? 

It’s like a clean slate – everything gets to start afresh, from your diary to your gym programme to your diet. So what better time to make a fresh start with a new food blogging event! As the foodblogging community has expanded and developed, events seem to have become increasingly specialised. There is an event for sweet-tooths (SHF), an event for herb-lovers (WHB), an event for eggy literati (EoMEoTE), an event for Filipino cuisine (Lasang Pinoy), an event for adventurous chefs (Paper Chef), an event for wine-lovers (WBW) – even an event for food photographers (DMBLGiT). But nothing broad enough to include everyone, and nothing basic enough to appeal to everyone from the bachelor cooking on a two-plate stove to the professional chef. Well, until January 2007, that is.

Because January 2007 will see the launch of a new event, hosted in rotation by Johanna (The Passionate Cook), Andrew (SpittoonExtra) and me (Cooksister!). The idea is to run the event for a finite period (12 months) as most events certainly do seem to have a limited lifespan, and to make the themes as broad and inclusive as possible. It will give you an opportunity to show the world what sort of personal stamp you can put on the basic theme:  what does your country regard as a classic potato dish? What do your family traditionally make at Christmas? What favourite seasonal ingredient is playing a starring role in your pies this season? With this in mind, we have come up with a list of 12 themes and each month we will be challenging you to charm us with your personal take on the theme. All entries will be included in a round-up on the host’s blog.

This new event will be called "Waiter, there’s something in my…" and Andrew will shortly be announcing the first theme, so do check his blog early in January for further details.

I can’t wait!

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    I love the idea, and especially that you are trying to make it very inclusive. My schedule is grueling (full time job + food blog + blogher) but I will definitely try to schedule this one in as often as I can.

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    Dear Jeanne
    Am a bit tardy with the greetings but just wanted to wish you a WONDERFUL 2007.
    Can’t wait for the new theme of “Waiter, there’s something in my…”
    I was bad when you last tagged me but I hope 2007 will be a better year for my blog :)
    Anyhow, just wanted to wish you HAPPY HOLIDAYS and wonderful, great and superb 2007!!!
    Hoping all your wishes and resolutions for the new year will come true. To you and your family I wish a year of love, tranquility, success and happeness….
    Gitit at Star Apple Cooking :)

  3. says

    Have a wonderful and foody 2007. I still haven’t tried that scones recipe. It was urgent at the time, and imperative for me to make good scones, but the wifey went on a diet at about that time. So no scones. Yet.
    All the best.

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    This is great news; I would love to join in. I was meant to be attending Johanna’s cookie swap at the end of last year but work commitments kept me from it. This is a great way of getting involved once again.

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    Hi Kalyn
    Glad you like it! We just wanted something where everyone would feel welcome to join in, so we have kept the themes really open to interpretation. Look forward to seeing you when your schedule allows 😉
    Hi Lil
    Look forward to hearing what you think of our first theme :-)
    Hi Gitit
    Lovely to hear from you, and wishing you and your loved ones nothing but success and happiness in 2007! Look forward to hearing more from you on your blog in 2007 :-)
    Hi Rethabile
    Mea culpa, mea culpa – I haven’t visited your poetry site yet! But I will, now that I am filled with new year’s good intentions 😉 Diets – bah, who needs ’em. The scones are worth the wait though. All the best for a wonderful 2007.
    Hi I-Ling
    We really hope this will be a fun event and that people will feel inspired to participate – look forward to seeing you there!
    Hi Bea
    And a very happy new year to you too! The theme is now officially public so I hope everyone stewing over (hahaha!) their recipe ideas. Look forward to seeing what you make :-)
    Hi Cherry
    It would be lovely to have you joining in – and I do look forward to meeting up at another blogger event this year.