Many little bites of delight – the SHF #24 roundup


And now, ladies and gentlemen, the moment you’ve all been waiting for… the Sugar High Friday#24 roundup! I must say – I set a challenging theme and you certainly rose to the challenge. I have seldom seen such varied and creative entries for a SHF – not to mention so many exquisite and delicious-sounding ones! Some were amusing, some were elegant, some were very ambitious, but all were made with care and love. Thank you to everybody who gave up their leisure time and slaved through the night to get their petit fours made and their posts up – I’m sure you’ll agree it was worth it for that first heavenly bite. I have my favourites, and after you read the roundup I’m sure you will have yours ūüėČ And a big thank you to Jennifer for allowing me to host Sugar High Friday!

Just a few words before we get into the contributions… I have double checked my e-mails, trackbacks and comments to try and catch all participants, but I’m human – I may have missed somebody. If that somebody is you, a thousand apologies. Let me know ASAP and I will correct matters. I hope also that I have all your names and locations filled in correctly – if there is an error there, give me a shout (some of you are coyer than others on your blogs!!). And lastly, I have used one photo per entry, lifted shamelessly from your blogs. If this is a problem, let me know and I can remove it. And to the big wide world of readers out there, please note that the copyright to all these pictures belongs to the original author! Always ask before using.

Shf_cakeordeath Name:  Liz
Location:  Los Angeles, USA
Blog:  Cake Or Death?
Made:  Chocolate-raspberry iced petit fours

Shfdessertfirst Name:  Anita
Location:  San Francisco Bay area, USA
Blog:  Dessert First
Made:  Taffy lady apples, hazelnut creme brulee spoons (pictured), and honey madeleines

Shfsamsbakes_1 Name:  Sam
Location:  Singapore
Blog:  Sam’s Cakes and Bakes
Made:  Strawberry amores

Shflemonpi_2 Name:  Y
Location:  Sydney, Australia
Blog:  Lemonpi
Made:  R2-D2 chocolate caramel petit fours

Shfcafefernando_1 Name:  Cenk
Location:  Istanbul, Turkey
Blog:  Cafe Fernando
Made:  Personalised M&M cookies

Shfhecticium Name:  Melissa
Location:  Birmingham, UK
Blog:  Hecticium
Made:  Chocolate tartlets, lemon creams and meringues

Shf_barbie2be_1 Name:  Barbie2Be
Location:  USA
Blog:  Barbie2Be
Made: Chocolate-dipped Madeleines

Shfboxcarkitchen_1 Name:  Esther
Location:  Paris, France
Blog:  Boxcar Kitchen
Made:  Mini pumpkin mousse in caramel verrines

Shf_cookanything_2 Name:  Haalo
Location:  Melbourne, Australia
Blog:  Cook (almost) Anything At Least Once
Made:  Wattle seed madeleines

Shf_jumboempanadas_1 Name:  Brilynn
Location: Canada
Blog:  Jumbo Empanadas
Made:  Mini chocolate, coconut and strawberry cheesecakes

Shf_becksposh Name:  Sam
Location: San Francisco (California), USA
Blog:  Becks & Posh
Made:  Dark chocolate weapons of mass enjoyment (!)

Shfpetitchou Name:  Julianne
Location:  San Francisco Bay area, USA
Blog:  Petit Chou
Made:  Mini pumpkin cookies with creme fraiche

Shf_realitybites Name:  Caryn
Location:  Exeter, UK
Blog:  Reality Bites
Made:  Five-spice gingerbread with lemon cream cheese frosting

Shfmangeville Name:  Michelle
Location:  Portland (Oregon) USA
Blog:  Je Mange La Ville
Made:  Mini grapefruit cakes with cream cheese frosting

Shffeedme Name:  I-Ling
Location:  Melbourne, Australia
Blog:  Feed Me! I’m Hungry!!
Made:  Chocolate pistachio layer cake petit fours

Shf_kochtopf Name:  Zorra
Location:  Andalucia, Spain
Blog:  1 x Umruhren Bitte
Made:  Petits chaussons aux poires (pastry puffs with pear puree)

Shfkuchenlatein Name:  Ulrike
Location:  Kronshagen, Germany
Blog:  K√ľchenlatein
Made:  Petit fours glac√©

Shf_jennysaisquois Name:  Jen
Location:  Melrose (Massachusetts), USA
Blog:  Jenny Sais Quois
Made:  Pumpkin spice bread and apple cider cream cheese frosting mini sandwiches

Shf_annesfood Name:  Anne
Location:  Stockholm, Sweden
Blog:  Anne’s Food
Made:  Mini chocolate-cherry muffins with toasted coconut

Shf_odelices Name:  Marie-Laure
Location:    France
Blog:  O Delices
Made:  Saffron and lemon bites

Shfdaydreamdelicious Name:  Bonnie
Location:  Cambridge, UK
Blog:  Daydream Delicious
Made:  Chocolate ganache hearts

ShfpeabodyName:  Peabody
Location:  Seattle (Washington), USA
Blog:  Culinary Concoctions by Peabody
Made:  Mini pop-tarts

Shf_cookbook411 Name:  Lara
Location:  Seattle (Washington) USA
Blog:  Cookbook 411
Made:  Lemon cake petit fours with plum sauce

Shf_dilek Name:  Dilek
Location:  Switzerland
Blog:  A la Dilek  (in Turkish:  Dilekce)
Made:  Sari Burma (Turkish baklava)

Shf_passionatecook Name:  Johanna
Location:  London, UK
Blog:  The Passionate Cook
Made:  Mini fruit tartlets

Shf_pertelote Name:  Jenni
Location:  London, UK
Blog:  Pertelote
Made:  Sour cherry & pistachio chocolate shells

Shf_surfindave Name:  Surfin’ Dave
Location:  California, USA
Blog:  Serendipitous Chef
Made: Chocolate & pumpkin Halloween mignardises

Shf_mekuno Name:  Faith
Location:  Florida, USA
Blog:  Mekuno Cooking
Made:  Chocolate caramel banana bites

Shf_tartelette Name:  Helen
Location:  USA
Blog: Tartelette
Made:  Meringue kisses, caramel vol au vents & macaroons with honey buttercream

Shf_confabulation Name:  Abby
Location: North Carolina, USA
Blog:  Confabulation
Made:  Ghoulish petit fours

Shf_plaisir_sucre Name:  Sam
Location:  Toronto, Canada
Blog:  Sweet Pleasure:  Plaisir Sucre
Made:  Apple, raspberry and pear p√Ętes de fruits

Shf_foodie_files Name:  Lauren
Location:  USA
Blog:  The Foodie Files
Made:  Coconut Madeleines

Shf_dispensing_happiness Name:  Stephanie
Location: USA
Blog:  Dispensing Happiness
Made:  Halloween thimble cookies

Shf_fingerinpie Name:  Julie
Location:  New York, USA
Blog:  A Finger in Every Pie
Made:  Mini Korova cookies and mini financier cupcakes filled with apricot curd

Shf_pille_1 Name:  Pille
Location:  Estonia
Blog:  Nami-Nami
Made:  Chocolate-dipped lemon balm leaves and candied peel, chcolate disks infused with chilli syrup, and cranberry almond macarons

Shf_dessertbycandy Name:  Candy
Location:  Canada
Blog:  Dessert by Candy
Made: Pinepple and star anise mini mousse and mini cherry clafoutis

Shf_pti_bouchon Name:  "Pti bouchon"
Location:  France
Blog: Les Mains Dans L’Plat
Made:  Delices citron et delices chocolat

Shf_requia Name:  Requia
Location:  France
Blog:  Chez Requia
Made:  Chantilly au chocolat blanc

Shf_tartinegourmande Name:  Bea
Location:  Boston (Massachusetts), USA
Blog:  La Tartine Gourmande
Made:  Dark chocolate and lime cream tartlets

Shf_spittoon Name:  Andrew
Location:  Henley-on-Thames, UK
Blog:  SpittoonExtra
Made:  Non-dainty chocolate muffin mini-sandwiches with chocolate shavings

Shf_bronmarshall Name:  Bron
Location:  Canterbury, New Zealand
Blog:  Bron Marshall
Made:  Baked Chocolate Mousse Cups with Mini Matcha Ice-cream Spheres

Shf_pilgrim Name:  Karen
Location:  Philippines
Blog:  The Pilgrim’s Pots and Pans
Made:  Chocolate-peanut and apple-cinnamon empanaditas

Shf_domestic_goddess Name:  Jennifer
Location:  Canada
Blog:  The Domestic Goddess
Made:  Chocolate-coated mini cheesecake petit fours

Shf_cooksister Name:  Jeanne
Location:  London, England
Blog:  Cooksister!
Made:  Lemon meringue mini "baked Alaskas"

And I’m afraid that’s all, folks! But isn’t that a grand collection of petit fours?! Next month it’s the lovely Johanna who will be hosting and a little bird tells me the theme will be chocolate truffles… So get your sweet thinking caps on!

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  1. says

    what a stunning array of entries… the foodbloggers of this world have clearly gone out of their way and surpassed themselved once more for this theme! I can’t believe the variety of contributions and can’t wait to steal the ideas one by one for my own dinner parties ūüėČ

  2. says

    Mini fruit tartlets: SHF#24

    Thank God It’s Friday! And not just any, today is Sugar High Friday! Friday’s have become something special thanks to a fabulous idea spun up by the Domestic Goddess (Jennifer, that is, not Nigella) which is celebrating its 2nd anniversary

  3. Helen says

    Thank you for hosting! I felt like a kid on Christmas morning, (im)patiently awaiting for the round up!
    I have also discovered new blogs, the best thing about events like this one!

  4. says

    Wow these look so decedent, just a pity that I am not a huge fan of deserts I really don’t have a sweet tooth at all, but give me any thing savory and I will be happy, but thanks for sharing all your hard work and those recipes will come in handy next time I am having the ladies over for tea.:)