Forthcoming London food blogger events

As you have probably noticed from previous posts, we London food bloggers clearly just can’t get enough of each other.  We find any excuse to get together, eat good food, drink good wine – and photograph the whole process of course!  Over at The Passionate Cook Johanna has posted a list of forthcoming events in London, including:

  • A comparative tasting of various types of salt and types of butter – from the sublime to the ridiculous, from the cheap to the astronomical, at Johanna’s house on 28 October.  Johanna and I will talk you through what we will be tasting before we take the plunge and push up our blood pressure and cholesterol levels 😉
  • A chocolate truffle-making workshop at mychocolate in early November (the date currently under consideration is 5 November 14h30-16h00) – just in time for the November edition of Sugar High Friday, which will focus on… truffles!
  • A mushroom and truffles event at Harvey Nichols on Wednesday evening the 8th of November.  Four of us have signed up for this so far, but it seems there are still places left.
  • The (apparently) annual UK food blogger Christmas gathering at Johanna’s house on 2 December from about lunchtime.  Like last year, we are planning a cheese fondue and a cookie swap – how can you possibly resist that?
  • A trip to the Bath Christmas Market on the weekend of 8-9 December.

And despite my best efforts at diary management, I have not found a date that suits my chef friend as well as the bloggers for the promised knife skills course.  His holiday, my holiday, Christmas and Johanna’s impending bundle of joy all conspired to make sure this will now have to happen in the new year.  We’ll keep you posted…

There is still (at the time of writing) space on all these events – but you should act fast if you want to attend.  As I am out of the country until 23 October, you may want to contact Johanna for the earlier events, but feel free to drop me an e-mail for the later events and we will make a plan to fit you in.

Hope to see many of you soon!

PS – and this is another reminder of Sugar High Friday happening right here on Friday 27 October – do join in the fun!

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  1. Rethabile says

    “How can you possibly resist that?”
    Easy. I can’t swim across the Channel. It all sounds marvellous and mouth watering. Go on, girl, nibble on the world.

  2. says

    actually, the mushroom tasting is already fully booked, i have had to put two late joiners on a waiting list.. but the chocolate event still has spaces and of course, the two xmas events in december… hope to see many of your readers there!

  3. says

    Hi Rethabile
    Well, there’s always the Eurostar…! I also think it would be fun to do an African diaspora blogger get-together one day…
    Hi Ilingc
    I guess we are spoilt over here – firstly because there are so many of us in reasonably close proximity, and also because we generally get on well and we like meeting up, so we do it often. You’ll just have to plan a visit 😉
    Hi Johanna
    Thanks for the update – looking forward immensely to all of these!
    Hi Cliff
    I got some of my photos back today and I find it hard to believe I was actually there, with these gorgeous wooden houses and the astoundingly red trees! Enjoy your visit – where in New England will you be heading?

  4. mika says

    I just wanted to let you know about a Culinary Event ‘The Pomegranate Tree’ on the 24th September at the 5 star venue the Intercontinental Hotel in London.
    Michelin Starred Chef Paul Merrett will be hosting the evening with a handful of his selected top chefs and a wine expert. There will be close up demonstrations, lots of top tips, and gourmet foods created by Paul and co. Plus free wine, cocktails and luxury goodies bags.
    There will also be an auction and raffle of coveted prizes such as having the chefs cook for you in your own home, a two days worth of choclate making classes for four, cookery books, a day at a cookery school ect. to be won.
    All proceeds are going to the charity, The Medical Foundation for The Care Victims of Torture, a charity seeks to help those who have been tortured physically or psychologically in their own country and have fled to the UK.
    For more info go to or call 02076977755