Rude food


Rudechillies_1 I know, I know… childish to laugh at the poor little things.  But my sense of humour is just like that.  And to paraphrase that great social commentator Baldrick, there’s nothing as funny as a vegetable that’s grown into a rude and amusing shape.


Picture was e-mailed to me this morning and seems to come from this German-language site.

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    Oooh! It’s a pepper that looks like a thingie! LOL We had Roma tomatoes growing on our balcony that looked like thingies and my younger son exclaimed at the top of his lungs ‘Mom, why do these tomatoes look like piemels?’ (Dutch word for thingies)
    Thanks for that, it was funny :)

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    Hi Ash
    Glad I provided some amusement!! And interesting about the Dutch word for boys’ dangly bits – in Afrikaans it’s a “piel”, which is clearly related. Obviously, trips to Spain (where piel means skin)are filled with bouts of hilarity. Like I said, my sense of humour is just like that… :o)
    Hi Elizabeth
    You think YOU’RE twisted – just look at those poor chillies!! Hahahaha….
    Hi Rethabile
    I know, I know… this is meant to be a family blog!! 😉
    Hi Ilingc
    Glad I brightened your working day. I have to say, I have grown many chillies in my life but MINE never seem to grow like that!
    Hi Ronni
    In answer to your & Elizabeth’s question… I have no idea! But I can tell you that if they were Photoshopped, it was by a hand more skilled than mine!!

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    Hi Pille
    After that pic, I doubt I have any innocent readers left!! :o)
    Hi David
    … photograph? Pluck? Crush? Eat? Refrigerate? Of course, you’ll want them in the crisper drawer. No sense in letting them go limp.

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    Thanks for the Black Adder link! We are always coming up with “cunning plans” and when one of us does something truly idiotic we call that doing a Baldrick. Pretty amazing to see Hugh Laurie in House, what a contrast to Prince George.
    Those photos? Precious.

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    Hi Elise
    Ooooh, I quote Baldrick all the time – I particularly like the episode where he says his first name is Sod Off – because all the other guttersnipes always used to say “Sod off, Baldrick!” to him. But the ultimate is the French Revolution episode – packed with cunning plans 😉
    Hi Emma
    Guess this gives new meaning to the term hot lover?!? :o)