Pimp that pizza!


Burger… Pizza… Burger… Pizza… Burger…

Having trouble making up your mind?  Well, the good news is that your troubles are over!  Now you never have to make those tough decisions again!  Check this out…

Burgerpizza1 Burgerpizza2 Burgerpizza3 Burgerpizza4 Burgerpizza5 Burgerpizza6 Burgerpizza7 Burgerpizza8

A friend e-mailed me this extraordinary series of photos yesterday morning and I really did try hard to find out what the source is in order to credit the brilliantly twisted mind that came up with this.  But alas, no leads – so if anybody knows whose idea and picures these are, please drop me a line and I will credit them!

What I did come across was a little legal spat in cyberspace.  The first place I checked to ascertain the provenance of these photos was, of course, Pimp My Snack, the quirky site where folks like you and me choose our favourite snack and try to recreate a giant version (think giant Hershey’s Kisses!).  However, what I discovered when I got to the the familiar URL was that the behemoth Viacom (the power behind MTV) has decided that a little gnat is annoying it and has rumbled into life to try and administer a swat.  As owner of the "Pimp My" and "Pimp my Ride" trademarks, they are alleging trademark infringement and have threatened all sorts of legal action and damages claims.  This has resulted in the site changing its name to Pimp That Snack, but site owner Peter Wilcock quite rightly takes issue with a lot of what Viacom’s lawyers say in their letters.  And I do love it when a big corporation finds that the little guy isn’t playing along and trembling in his boots at the first whiff of a lawyer’s letter.  You go, guys!!  For those who are interested, Peter has left the full correspondence up at the original URL – it makes for fascinating reading and is a great primer as to what you can and cannot do with a trademark.  And I don’t think Viacom comes out of the fray exactly covered in glory!!  ūüėČ

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  1. says

    Do you know that it took me quite a long time to realize what they were actually doing, I think it was a subconscious refusal…
    Thanks for the pimp that snack link!

  2. says

    That is an outstanding idea. I particularly like the idea of adding on some chips as a topping. Not sure about the glass of milk though. A beer or coke would be far more apt.

  3. says

    Hi Ilva
    Yes, I did a double-take too the first time I saw this. Your rational mind tells you those *can’t* be fries on the pizza… but they are! Isn’t the snack pimping site great fun? The attention to detail is quite astonishing in some of them!
    Hi Herchelian
    You think?!? :o) But then again, my husband’s in his 30s and I’m sure he’d eat one of these if he thought I wasn’t looking…
    Hi Silverbrow
    Note that there are in fact TWO layers of fries – one below the cheese and a few on top! Because, like, we’d hate not to squeeze enough carbs into this dish. ūüėČ ANd I agree. Milk together with the cheese and fries makes me billious. I would say a litre or so of beer should do the trick!
    Hi David
    Exactly the point of the website owners!! It’s a generic phrase in common use – how can you trademark that?!? And as you say, trademarking “pimp” is going to affect an awful lot of people. Or should that be a lot of awful people? :o)
    Hi Santos
    Oh yes, it’s the evillest concentration of evil since Dr Evil evilly ordered (d)evilled eggs for breakfast!

  4. says

    Well, that’s just revolting: they didn’t make their own pizza dough; they forgot to put crushed basil on top of the tomato sauce; there are no onion rings.
    P.S. The whole trademark battle reminds me of the CocaCola vs. Walter S. Taylor (Bully Hill) lawsuit that Walter S. lost. When we visited the Bully Hill winery (Finger Lakes region of New York State) in the 1990s, there were bottles of wine that had labels with the Taylor name blacked out. I gather that Walter S. really cashed in on the loss – great advertising for him… (The wine was okay but not spectacular. However, the grapejuice they sold was stellar.)
    story here: